Playing Catch Up

Ok guys, sorry for taking so long for an update - I just knew it would be a long post, so bear with me! gunna have some pics too... I think lol!

End of year at work was CRAZY! Too much to do and not really enough time, but we managed! After work on New Year's Eve, Tom and I went to hang out with Kandi and her crew at Sherry and Lanny's place in Mayflower. We had a really good time!

Me and Kandi - First pic of 2010!! (I love my bestie!!)

Kandi, Me, and Mom - spending New Year's Eve with them is the ONLY way to ring in the new year!!
I kissed my husband at midnight. It's going to be a good year Tom - I just know it (Do I look tired or WHAT??) The green ring around my head is a glow stick necklace - I thought I looked cool, lol!

We had a bonfire, and counted down to the New Year! We had a blast! Maddy was the only kid who didn't make it to midnight - but she's four - can you blame her? When we got home from celebrating, we started a load of laundry, and took a shower, then crashed.

We woke up Friday, the 1st, packed all of our crap, loaded the car, made one last pass through the house and then we were on our way to Texas - I felt bad, we didn't even spend any time with our kitties before leaving!! We did make sure their food bowls were full, my sis checked on them the whole time we were gone, so we weren't too worried.

We got stopped in Nacogdoches (sp??) [hereafter dubbed "Nac"] to say hi to Marti and Rudy. We weren't staying in Nac on this trip - we'd spent the last two trips there. But, we got to stop by, and visit a little, stretch our legs, borrow the restroom, and then we were on the road again... That was a 5 hour trip, after our short stop in Nac, we had another 3 hour drive to Houston - or well, just north of Houston to Kingwood. We got to visit with Lila and Karl, Sam and Mimi, Carol (Mimi's mom, who is quite possibly, the coolest grandmother I know!), Samantha, Ian, Mandy, TJ, and some of Karl's family. PLUS! Pepper, Sandy, Cashew, and Peanut (the four legged family members!)

It was a good night of talking, catching up - a lot of "Wow, you guys look great!" which is always nice to hear. We played some Wii, some pool, and some pinball. Then, around midnight, we crashed. Well, I crashed - Tom stayed up talking with TJ until like 3 in the morning. lol.

Saturday, the 2nd, we left Kingwood and headed to Austin, so that we could spend a couple of days with Tom's dad and stepmom, Pam. That was sooooo much fun! We spent that night trading christmas gifts, I think Tom's favorite is our new Pressure Cooker! Sunday, we went to the Salt Lick outside of Austin - VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY good food!! I got a HUGE pulled pork sandwich, and Tom got a HUGE plate of ribs. I was very full afterwards! lol! Monday, we went to Fredericksburg.

It was officially the farthest West I've ever traveled. It's a great little town, a little "touristy", but perfect! If I could pick a little town to live in, it would be just like Fredericksburg!! We found some cute shops, one of which was a kitchen store. Tom and I picked up some fresh coffee beans to grind in our coffee pot and an asparagus peeler. hehe!

Tuesday, Dad and Pam had to go to work, so we headed back to Austin. We had heard a rumor that the headquarters to a website we like was in Austin, and we had a couple of addresses to try, but we never could find it... bummer!! But, we did get to see the capital building, downtown Austin, and the University of Texas - Go Longhorns!! We wound up going to TJ's bachelors pad lol! It's him and a few other guys who live in this HUGE house. It was awesome! They have a "Darth Vadar Bathroom" lol Because it's all black - or well, mostly... lol! Anyway, awesome house! We went and did some shopping in austin, went to lunch with TJ, and then headed back to Kingwood. That night we got to yack and hang out with Tom's Aunt Lila - she is so freakin' cool! We stayed up talking until too late, and Lila had to work the next morning. Sorry Li!!

Wednesday, we did something I've never done before in my life... we went to the Gulf of Mexico - now, while I understand that the Gulf is not TECHNICALLY the ocean - it is. It is ocean water, for as far as you can see. i've never seen the ocean. This was a totally amazing experience. The water just kept going... It was COLD! The wind and the water! I put my foot in the water, i felt the sand, and then, I tasted the water! BLECH!!! It was salty and nasty! lol! I picked up some sea shells and we got chased by some sea gulls! I hate birds! blech!! lol!!
Tom, trying hop back our of the water! lol! Like I said, it was COLD!!

Me, in front of the Gulf - my hair is flying like CRAZY. I couldn't keep it looking nice lol! And yes, I'm rockin' the Longhorns hoodie!! Woot!

I wrote in the sand - JH 2010. Cuz I was there - yo. lol!

Anyway, when we decided we'd frozen enough, we went to Gaido's for lunch - Tom's Dad suggested it. It was a little pricey - but very very good. We brought back leftovers lol! We had taken Ian with us to the Gulf, he seemed to have fun with us - we're all just big kids lol!

We got back from the Gulf, and hung out at the house, played some more Wii, then we had dinner with Lila's crew. The Championship Game was the next night - and we knew we were going to go shopping on Thursday. So we didn't stay up TOO late. lol. well, not too late for us - we kept Lila up past her bedtime - again lol!

Thursday, Tom and Ian and I cleaned Lila's kitchen before heading out for the day. Basically, it was a "Thank you" for letting us stay with them. Then we went to Whataburger for lunch, yummy yummy! I got a burger, a shake and some french fries... I only got the fries so I could dip them into my shake lol! Yummy!! I wish we had a Whataburger in LR. oh well! Probably better this way, huh? Anyway, after lunch, we hit up the Dillards Clearance store - it was in a decaying mall... and we could tell why they could dub it a CLEARANCE store... they had some FUGLY clothes in there! There were coral colored pants... FOR MEN! eek!! I did find a cute sweatshirt top for Kandi - I was aiming to find one for me, but no luck there. We did go and walk through the mall for a little bit, that was fun too. Ian definitely makes for a fun trip! LOL! We went back to the house, did dinner, and watched the Longhorns-Alabama game - sad times, sad times!

Friday, we got up early, so that we could say bye to everyone before we headed back to LR. We had done laundry on Thursday, so we had everything packed. Then, we hit up a pretty good donut place for some Kolaches... yummy! Then, it was back to the road. We hit Nac up again while we passed through, stopped in at Marti's and at Mimi's. Then, it was back on the road again. we were ready to see our kitties... poor babies.

We got into Bryant around 5 - so we stopped to mooch dinner off of them, and see my neice and nephews. had a good time. Then, we got home and unloaded the truck... I was surprised to see how much we actually HAD with us! Our poor babies, they just kept looking up all wide eyed at us like "Oh wow, you're home!" and of course, they were up our butts the whole evening! But it was ok, we'd missed them too!

Saturday and sunday passed in a blur. Then, almost immediately, it was time to go to work Monday morning... Yeah, definitely a Monday. and the week has almost passed in a blur... Now it's the 15th of January and I can't believe how fast it's gone!!

So how has y'alls first two weeks of January gone?

<3 Jess
PS. More pics to come on facebook when I get the chance - or the motivation! lol!!


Holy Bananas!!

Ok, so it's 12:07 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010...

I've had six full days of 2010 and it has been FANTASTIC!!

I'm going to do a full blog about what all we've been doing while on vacation - but that will have to wait until we get back.

I did want to jump online and wish my big sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I hope her day goes really really well!

Love you sis!