What a great weekend! (So far anyway!)

This is starting off as such a great weekend.

I had a really rough week - lots of drama. Work was crazy. Things seemed to settle down - haha - once I got home! Anyway, Tom decided that we should have a weekend of our own. Our plans for today? to veg in front of the tv/laptops.

I came home last night, and asked Tom if I could have a "testosterone" evening lol! I wanted to watch action movies, and play Halo, so I could blow people up! lol

Friday night (last night), we watched Die hard, which I've never seen before. I was pleased with it! Then, we watched Batman and Robin - not the greatest movie - but definitely good enough to satisfy my "testosterone" craving lol! we both got busy on our laptops and rather than playing Halo, we put on a couple of episodes of Rough Science - it's a neat show from PBS. Definitely a good NetFlix find!

Tom plays a game called EV Nova, that's what he was busy with last night. Me? I did photo editing:


Andrea and Juan Sebastian

Kayla and Nikki



So then, after a couple of episodes of Rough Science, I crashed.

This morning (Saturday) we got up and headed back to our living room. We've loafed around today. haha! We started the day by watching Blazing Saddles, and now we're finishing up Rough Science. Here soon, I'll need to work on dishes/cleaning the kitchen, I need to clean the cats' bathroom. (Yes, our cats have their own bathroom lol!) Then, I also need to work on laundry.

Oh well, gunna be a decently busy evening.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Tom's got to go and help my dad move my grandfather from one building to the next at his Assisted living place in little rock. Then, Tom's mother is coming to dinner. I don't know what we're going to do after dinner. Probably just sit around and yack. Oh well.

Then it's back to the dailey grind on Monday.

Talk to you all later!!


What an awesome weekend...

So, Friday night, Tom and I went to one of my best friend's mother's birthday parties. Her 50th!! They are so awesome. That was at Gabe's Grill in Bryant - Tom and I had never been there before, but it was quite good! We did turn down some chocolate raspberry cake... darn! It looked REALLY good!!

Saturday, we woke up kind of later than we meant to. We were going to try and pop in at Tom's mom's house to visit for a little bit - but we just didn't have time. Because! My Maddy's birthday party was Saturday!

Her actual birthday was last Tuesday, but we did her party on Saturday!!

She loves Spongebob:
Her cake was spongebob sitting on top of his pineapple house! It was awesome!! Doesn't she look so determined to blow those candles out?

She loves Dora:

So Aunt Jessica and Uncle Tom picked her up a Dora mermaid! It must have been a good idea, cuz two other people also picked up the Dora mermaid! lol! But that's good though, cuz now she has one for her house, Gramma Tammy's house, AND Gramma Sandy's house!

She had a blast at her party - can you tell?? How can you NOT just fall in love with this child?? All of Kandi's kids have that affect on people though! They are all great kids!!

Here is Maddy giving Gramma Tammy kisses. Gramma is ordering Maddy a Design your own skateboard kit, so we can design it with Dora on it!

After Maddy's party, we went back to Kandi's house to watch the hogs game, well, we had a lot of people there, so Joey moved the TV out to the front porch and we watched the game outside! It was neat! Tom spent most of the time fixing Kandy and Joey's computer. We had to wipe it, which sucks. But, we should be able to get all her photos back on her computer.

Oh! That reminds me, I have to log into Kandi's myspace and facebook and add some photos to her pages!

Today, I spent most of the day doing "Fall cleaning" and decorating for the fall. I love this time of year. I really do. Then, we had my parents come over for dinner. They are having a rough time right now. Tom made some killer beef brisket. we're talking about making it again next weekend.

It's been a great weekend. However, I'm ready for bed! lol! Too bad I have some work to do!!

<3 Jessica


Labor Day Weekend

Wow, this has been a really good weekend. Here's the short version:

This was a cheat weekend for us with our diet. We ate whatever we wanted the whole time! It was great!!
Friday night: Tom and I went to dinner - but we didn't know where we wanted to go - so Tom had me just start picking numbers between 1 and 10. Certain numbers meant we turned left, others meant we turned right. Some meant we got on the freeway, others meant we took the service road. It was SO much fun!! I dubbed it "Spontaneous Human Interaction". So anyway, we wound up at Chili's in Bryant. It was AWESOME!!

This is Tom at Dinner - isn't he so dang cute???

Then, we played the game again, and wound up in West Little Rock and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 3D!! We didn't get home until like 1:30 in the morning! It was such a fun date night!!

Here is us waiting for the last showing to empty, so we could go in to watch the movie... These geeky looking glasses were the 3D glasses. How cute are we??

This is us in the theater... damn we're cute!!

Saturday, we spent the morning just kind of hanging out at the house. Then we went to my parents' house to do "family crap". I was really surprised at how much fun I had. My Aunt Dianne and Uncle George came over with one of my cousins' kids, he's like 2 or 3 months old. Super cute. My cousin doesn't really want much to do with his own child. Breaks my heart, y'know? Any way, my other cousin, Leon, came over with his girlfriend and their two kids. He is doing really well to take care of his responsibilities. I'm really happy for them.

Anyway, after that we came home, Tom made me a couple ring tones and we listened to music for a while before hitting the bed.

Sunday, Tom and I went to Conway to hang out with Kandi and her crew. It was a lot of fun. Tom, Mom, and Kandi all had Tequila. I've learned my lesson, I only drank about half of a Mike's Hard Lime, and a quarter of a shot of Tequila. I really didn't want to get sick. Anyway, so we had a great time at Kandi and Joey's. We got to hang out with her mom which was nice. We watched some Nascar - which I have never in my life actually paid attention to. it was interesting... a lot of left turns, but mom was trying to teach me some of the strategies within the pit stops and the crews and stuff. It was fun. The Tequila kicked Tom's butt, he wound up sleeping off some of the effects on one of the kids beds.

Poor guy... When you lose 80 pounds, your body can't handle quite as much Tequila as it could before. lol. Kandi and I got to talk for a while, and we watched "I Love You, Man." Super cute movie!! I thought it was a really good movie. I don't know how much Tom would have liked it, but oh well!

Today, Monday, we have just hung out at the house. I've ran a couple loads of laundry. We did the dishes earlier, swept and dusted the front room room. Tom even filled all of our bottles of water up.

We have softball practice Tuesday night, a game on Thursday, and I have no clue what all is going on this weekend! I know we have to mow the yard... hehehe... we skipped out on that this weekend!

Anyway, I said it would be short, and this is all but short lol!

Love you all!!


Only Tuesday??

Man, last week FLEW by, but this week is dragging!!

Tom and I have been watching a show called Penn and Teller's BullShit! It's awesome! We have so far watched episodes about the so-called Obesity Epidemic, Wal-Mart, Handicapped Parking, and Illegal Immigrants.

You have to understand, Tom and I talk about just about everything. We actually discuss issues. It's really nice. I like that we share a lot of our beliefs and ideas. But, I'm also glad that we are adult enough to discuss each others' opinions without causing a fight. We have a really good relationship.

Anyway, I was hoping to clean house all week, but have DEFINITELY not been motivated... maybe I'll get to it later in the week?? I dunno...

<3 Jess