It's finally Friday!!

Well, almost anyway, it's Thursday at about 9 o'clock in the evening.

We've had a pretty decent week...

Monday, we came home from work, then we cooked dinner, watched some SeaQuest, then Chuck and Heroes. We were able to hang out. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, we came home, cooked dinner, watched some SeaQuest, then we made our walmart list. We have learned with a list, we spend a LOT less money. We also went through our past 5 or 6 receipts from the store, and figured out we were going to spend about $60. Which is great, less than what our normal walmart trip runs us.

Good thing for this week - We are making Cheesecake this weekend! Even on our diet, we are able to have some desserts - sugar free jello, atkins' cheesecake, and carb friendly ice cream are our current favorites!!

Anyway, after the walmart list, we put away about 5 loads of laundry while we watched the previous night's episode of House. Then, bed time.

Wednesday, we came home, cooked dinner and then headed out to walmart. It was a really good trip. We only wound up grabbing two things that weren't on our list:
1. microwavable fish (since it's Lent, and I shouldn't have meat on Fridays)
2. Asparagus - which is freakin' awesome because it is carb free - we can eat as much as we want... it's a little expensive - but TOTALLY great.

Thursday, Today has been fun, Tom cooked dinner, then we watched some SeaQuest, a little bit of Mythbusters, then we did dishes and laundry and then we came back into our living room and watched some more MythBusters.

Our weekend plans are really laid back:

Friday night, we are cooking sammon and putting it onto a salad, then we're going to my parent's house to spend time with our neice and nephews and of course my sister and brother in law. Then, Dad and I are working on a project for his company.

Saturday, we're heading back to Conway. I wasn't able to do my "All Kayla" photoshoot for her birthday last week, so we're doing that again this weekend.Also, I get to hang out with my Kandi!! They got a new apartment in Conway, it's great. I love it.

Sunday, I think we are just going to be lazy... I know I want to vaccuum the living room. Lot's of cat hair.

Other than that, just hanging out!
Here are some random photos:
(L to R) Penny and Ellie. They love sleeping in this orange chair in our front room.
(L to R) Cathy and Me. We did this at work in my cubicle... haha! This is my scary smile.

Congratulations to Andrea and Edmundo and their BEAUTIFUL baby boy Juan Sebastian!
Ok guys, I'm out!


Riddle of the day...

Riddle of the Day
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one.

Michael J. Fox has a small one.
Madonna doesn't have one.
The Pope has one but doesn't use it.
Clinton uses his all the time.
Bush is one.
Mickey Mouse has an unusual one.
Liberace never used his on women.
Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his.
Cher claims that she took on 3.
We never saw Lucy use Desi's.
What is it?
Answer below! (this is pretty good )

The answer is: 'A Last Name.'

You didn't think I'd send you a dirty joke, did you?


Weekend Update with Collin... wait... with me!!

Alrighty, so it's been a pretty kick ass weekend. REALLY laid back...
Friday, we just hung out and watched tv and Tom played some Assassin's Creed - neat game, nice story line... I like it. He does this wicked swan dive from the top of towers and lands in a pile of hay - gives me fricken vertigo! haha! It's neat though, he kills lots of people but gets to wear a cool costume... Wouldn't be bad a bad Halloween costume for him?? Who knows right?

Saturday, we went to conway, did lunch with Tom's mom. That was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be... She's a lot more upbeat these days... She says her new meds are kickin' in... that's good. I got to show off my camera - and I had a couple of photos printed for her of me and Tom. She doesn't have any new ones of us... But, now that he and I are losing weight we are happier taking photos... Anyway, we also got to talk about diets - we haven't told her we're doing atkins, because she blames that diet for her diabetes... We have found research that says that it CAN affect how your body processes sugar - you just can't go COLD TURKEY off of this diet... it's a process... plus, she's like we used to be - y'know not great with portion control. This diet has REALLY taught us about portion control, and being aware of what you are putting into your body...

I AM DOWN 30 POUNDS!! (35 this morning, but we don't count our "morning weights" as solid." haha! Tom is down like 25. He's looking good too.)

Ok. So also on Saturday we went to my best friend's daughter's birthday "non-party". They weren't calling it a party since she hasn't really been behaving well enough to have a party. Anyway, so they did hot dogs and cake and ice cream (Tom and I brought sugar free jello - see we plan ahead!) I got some great shots of the party:

Look familiar? Yup, that's my Nikki! Kayla and Nikki are bestfriends! Just like me and Kandi!!

Kayla got roller skates, a helmet and knee pads for her birthday! She was trying them out!
How great are the colors on this photo?! I used the "Child Portraits" function on my camera - it really brought out the vivid colors in her clothing and the helmet and also smoothed out her skin tones in the weird late afternoon lighting we had.

This is PawPaw Audie and Kandi. He's been in California for the better part of a year. He's doing much better here lately. He's lost about 120 pounds, been going to the doctor, got his pastoral lisence, and is hoping to start a Baptist Ministries church in Conway in the upcoming years.

Kayla blowing out her candles! Kandi made her cake homemade and then went and picked up some Hannah Montana stuff to go on the cake.

Nikki and Maddy. These two are so cute together. Nikki was in all purple, and Maddy was in all pink! haha!

Nikki's a little out of the shot, haha but the girls sat at their very own little table together. It was cute.
So, then on Saturday after everyone had left, Tom and I ran by Arby's Well, we stopped by there for two reason, one, my kid brother works there and we haven't seen him in about a month. And two, it was about 7 ish, and we were STARVING (hot dogs and chips are definitely NOT on the menu for Atkins. But we can have some of the stuff at Arby's.
Then, we went back to Kandi's and hung out with them. I walked Kandi through what we have to do everytime we go shopping - by checking labels and calculating carbs, that kind of thing. So then we went through her kitchen and showed her how bad some of that stuff was for us. For her (she's a toothpick!!) and her growing children, the diet would be really bad. But for us, it's working. She was really surprised to see what all she had that we couldn't eat.

I did get to have my first cookie in two months haha! It wasn't bad either.

Anyway, then we sat down and watched Tropic Thunder! That was hilarious! Definitely not appropriate for children, but HILARIOUS. Tom Cruise was great! So was Robert Downey, Jr. I hear he's doing a lot better as far as the drugs go... that's good. We had a really fun time watching the movie. Kandi, her brother and PawPaw Audie all fell asleep. ("I'm a house of cards in a hurricane..." sorry I have my music going... I love the Backstreet Boys) We had to wake Kandi up so that she could lock the door behind us. Then, we headed home.

I was up long enough to copy Nikki's 6 year pics to my computer.

I love this one with the bear, she looks so beautiful!!

I love this with the 6. She is absolutely gorgeous!!
I can't wait to get lots of props for photography. We are building a "13" for Brett's 13th birthday this summer. I can't wait!

Cathy usually takes the kids to Sears to get their photos taken. They usually do a really good job. When Tom and I get to our "100 pound" mark, I think we're going to go ther to have pics done. I can't wait... We'll be hot.

Anyway, then we crashed. We got up this morning, made lunch, went to Sam's and now we're at the house. i'm on the computer blogging, and Tom's playing Assassin's Creed. Fun fun!!

Love you all, i'm out!

Windows Media Player

{Weekend update coming soon today! Plus, LOTS of pics!!}

1.Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For the first question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button TWICE
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...just type it in man!

1. Opening Credits:"10,000 Promises" by Backstreet Boys "What about your ten thousand promises?" hmm... not so happy about this one... even though it's a BEAUTIFUL song, by my boys. haha!

2. Waking Up:"Hello" by David Cook "I want to tell you so much" Cute... I like it. I wake up to my love every morning...

3. First Day of School: "28 Days" by LFO ... WHAT??? I dunno... haha

4. Falling in Love: "Are we the Waiting" by Green Day ... again... i don't get it..

5. Losing Virginity: "Break on Through" The Doors HAHAHAHAHAHA "You know the day destroys the night... Break on through to the other side"????? hahahhahahahaha i dunno... WTF!!!

6. Fight Song: "Hang 'Em High" My Chemical Romance ... whoa... "Mass Convulsions..." ?? i'm so confused.

7. Break Up: "I miss you" Hannah Montana "You used to call me your angel"... I always got really broken up whenever i broke up with boyfriends... but now... with my Tom.. life is good... so good.

8. Prom: "Bring me to Life" Evanescence... yeah... i'm not sure how great I think this list is... haha

9. Life: "Pop" N*Sync "Sick and tired of all these people talkin' bout whats the deal with this pop life and when is it going to fade out?" I love it! Everything is a fad, but if you like it why does it matter to everyone else????

10. Mental Breakdown: "Home Wrecker" Gretchen Wilson - that's what it would take... someone to try and take my man... I'd have to go postal!

11. Driving: "Thinkin' about you" Britney Spears "I spend my days with you, I spend my nights, thinking about you..." These make no sense what so ever.

12. Flashback: "Times Like These" Foo Fighters - "I'm a new day rising, I'm a brand new sky to hang the skies upon tonight" I like it... don't look back... every dawn is a new day.

13. Getting Back Together: "So In Love With You" UNV? (I have no clue where this song came from.) "I will stand before God, give you all that i've got, i can promise you, that I'll be true, I reveal here and now as we both take this vow, I am so in love with you." AWWWWWWWW...

14. Wedding: "Believe" Disturbed... hahahahahahahahahahaha I'm so thrown off by this list

15. Birth (adoption) of Child: "Lips of an Angel" Hinder - awesome song... but um... cheating?? birth of a child?? wha??

16. Final Battle: "Surf Wax America" Weezer "you take your car to work, I'll take my board..."

17. Death Scene: "Come What May" Ewin McGregor and the chick I can't remember her name... "Never knew I could feel like this, Like I've never seen the sky before..." "Listen to my heart can you hear it say, telling me to givfe you everything..." "I love you until the end of time..."

18. Funeral Song: "The Middle" Jimmy Eat World haha! "Hey, dont' write yourself off yet..." umm a little late yeah...

19. End Credits: "I go back" Kenny Chesney "wishing time would stop right in it's tracks..." hehe


Not so busy weekend ahead...

So Tom and I tend to have busy weekends...
So here's the scoop for this weekend:
Friday night ~ We're going to have a quite night at home, probably be online for part of it. We have a lot stored up on Netflix to watch. Did I mention that? We have an xbox 360 and we have the netflix instant play on it. It's great! I got to watch all three seasons of Hannah Montana - I know it sounds corny, but it's a cute show. Plus, I figured since I am the coolest person in my neice's life, if I know the inner workings of her favorite pop star, then I am even cooler! ; )
Anyway, so we've been watching SeaQuest, that's been cool. I don't remember watching the show when it originally aired. Some of the things I have on our list are:

1. Myth Busters
2. Roar: The complete Season
3. Corpse Bride
4. Analyze This
There's more, but I don't have to go into that.

Saturday ~ we're going to Conway. Lunch with Toms's mother, then heading over to Kandi's to get ready for her daughter's birthday. Plus, I'm going to take new pictures of the kids with my awesome new camera! I will probably hang out with Kandi and her family for a while.

Sunday ~ I know we're going to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries, then I might talk Tom into taking me out to the Promenade at Chenal to take photos. I love taking pictures of him. He's my favorite subject.

Anyway, so I am glad it's not a cram packed weekend. I think Tom is too.

Here are some pics I took last night:
Yes, that's MY pink Xbox controller he's using!!
Can you find the Ellie??
She LOVES being inside the hamper!!

I took this picture with my kick ass camera - check out my eyes, don't they look awesome??

Ellie, lounging on Tom's leg while we watch TV. She wasn't happy that the flash woke her up.

Penny has GOLDEN eyes..


Valentine's Schmalentine's

I say that, and it makes it sound like I didn't have a great weekend... but I did!
Well, it really started when I got my camera - since that was my Valentine's gift from Tom. Then, I was able to take some awesome pictures of the kids at Taekwondo. That was a lot of fun!

Friday, I got to show off my camera (in photos) to my co-workers. I didn't mean to come off like I was bragging, I'm just really excited about my camera!! Then, we went to my parents house to hang out with them and my sis and her family. That was a lot of fun.

PawPaw and Brett hanging out!

I got caught taking pictures.

PawPaw put TJ on the treadmill!! How cute is this face??

My sister actually took this photo of Nikki... Hopefully right before she said "Quit chewing on your hair!!!"

Dad and Tim being goofy. (This was the second time around. I had the lens cap on for the original! HAHAHA!)

Then, Tom took me to best Buy and bought me an awesome camera bag!

Saturday, Tom and I had some running around to do. Then, we went to lunch at US Pizza Co off of Lower Kavenaugh. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Then, we went to this awesome kitchen store and picked up a couple of spring form pans for when we make cheese cake! Yay!!

Then, we came home. I got my camera out and took some pics of Tom at the park here in Shannon Hills. Those turned out awesome. Here, I'll post a couple:

This was actually on our back porch - in the shade - that's why it's so dark.

When Tom climbed the ladder to the slide, I really didn't think he'd go down it. This is hilarious though!!
He just looked so cute standing here. Plus, you can see the jungle gym thing behind him.

I was practicing focusing on on object and blurring others. Doesn't this look cool with the bars blurred at the front of the pic?

My favorite picture of the whole day. He just looks so darn cute here.
He is absolutely my favorite subject for photos!!!
Then, we came back home and watched some SeaQuest, Tom played on the 360. Basically, we just hung out. I fell asleep during SeaQuest. Fun times fun times.

Today (Sunday), Tom and I got up kind of early, made breakfast, and Tom played some more 360. Then, we went and had lunch with Ashley and her brother, Clayton. That was a lot of fun!! I love going to lunch with Ashley. She's one of the few of my friends that Tom likes. Plus, she's just awesome! I'm trying to get her to let me take pics of her for my portfolio. She hasn't said yes yet, but she has really liked some of the pics I've taken!

Anyway, after lunch, Tom and I came back home, and we watched SeaQuest all day! It was just an hour or two ago that Tom wanted to play the 360 and I told him sure! When he plays his game, and I'm here on my laptop, it's quality alone time without being alone... It's a great thing he and I have. We're just really into being home bodies. I love hanging out with him. He's great!!
Well, we're about to head to bed. It's time to get ready for another week. Things happening this week:
  • Monday through Friday - hell on earth with work. We are trying to get our baskets cleared out of all work, so that we can go home early on Friday. It's so nice to get home, start dinner, and be able to have everything ready for when Tom gets home.

  • Wednesday is Wal Mart night. I'm shooting for a $50 shopping list.

  • Friday, we may wind up going to my parent's house.

  • Sometime this week we should be getting our Federal Tax Refund in our account! That would be awesome!

  • Saturday is Kandi's middle child, Kayla's, birthday party. I'm going to take pics of her kids. Before and during the party. We are going to try and get Tom's mother to go to brunch with us that morning. We haven't seen her for over a month. Not that we haven't tried. We have a life and so does she.

  • Sunday, we're going to head to Sam's Club to pick up a few items. Then, another quiet day at the house!
What are you guys up to?


My new camera!!

So we got our state tax money on Friday! Yay!

Anyway, so I was excited because I have been looking at a very specific camera for like 3 1/2 years!!

Well, We found it at Circuit City, in their going out of business sale for like $400! Great deal!

Well, I was excited because after we got our state money, Tom and I were going to go pick up my camera. On Thursday, my niece and nephew tested at taekwondo, so i came home and changed into more comfortable clothes...

Well, then the doorbell rang. So i went to answer it and there is tom! Holding my camera! And taking pictures of ME!!!


So I got to take pics of the kids at taekwondo, will post those in a sec, right now... here's my camera:

my new baby!!

One of the first photos i took! How cute is this cat?!?! Look at the detail!!!

(L to R) TJ, Brett, and Nikki at Taekwondo

Brett doing a Jump Side Kick

Nikki, punching

Tom and I went to the park today (Saturday) to work with my camera out doors. We got some great shots!

Tom on the see-saw. He had WAY too much fun.

Tom looking super cute!!

I think this is a WONDERFUL photo! So sexy!

Yay for my new camera!! Yay!!


Build-A-Bear and a birthday party

Okie doke. So this weekend has been veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long.
1. Friday night we went out to eat with my parents, my sister, her hubby, and their kids. Then, we went back to Mom and Dad's and finished up our taxes. Yay! Looks like we should be getting back about $1600!! (If Circuit City is still going out of business, Tom said that i might be able to get my kick ass camera that I want to get!! EEEK!!) Then, Tom and I stayed up pretty late playing the Xbox! We had a lot of fun!

2. Saturday, we went to Conway and hung out with Kandi's mom for a little bit - her birthday was last week so we brought her a card, and hung out for a bit. Then, we met up with Kandi and Joey, and Jason (Kandi had dropped their two girls off with my sister - but I'll get to that in a minute.) Kandi took me over to where their new apartment is HOPEFULLY going to be. They are still waiting on a credit check. I like the new apt. It's a townhouse, but Jason will have his own room, and Kayla and Maddy will share a room. Anyway, so then we went over to a car wash and helped Kandi and Joey wash out and clean out their big ass van. Then, Joey said he was taking us out to dinner. Tom and I are on a diet - Tom and I are both down about 25 pounds. Yay!! So we have to be careful what we eat - well, Denny's has a killer fajita plate - so we went there. Joey was so excited to take us out - because Tom and I usually snag the check because how expensive it is to feed all of us.Well, so then we went to Kandi and Joey's house, and hung out there for a couple of hours. We had a really good time. Then, we snagged Jason, so they could have a kid free night, and we went home. Tom and Jason played video games until about 1130, then we put on a movie - and jason was out. I however, did dishes, laundry, made birthday cards... and cleaned the kitchen. Finally, he and I crashed around 230 or 3 in the morning.

3. Today, we got up, Jason and I got dressed, my sis picked us up from our house dropped off her two boys and husband, and then we were off to Build-A-Bear. We had, Nikki, Kayla, Maddy, and Jason, Me, Cathy (my sis), Merit (our kid brother's gf) and my mom. All four of the kids did a bear, so did my mom, and so did Merit.
It was hilarious!( I'm going to get a picture storage account, I think. and then I'm going to post some more pics on there.)
THEN, we went BACK to Cathy's and had a tea party for the kids with their bears. It was great it really was.

Anyway, it is 8 o'clock and Tom and I are watching old episodes of Sea Quest. Fun fun!!
I've got to post some more pics, when i get a photo sharing site, I'll post the link here!!


And so it begins...

So a lot of our friends have their own blog pages. I thought it would be fun if Tom and I had one too!
So here goes:
Tom and I have been married since 2005, we've been together since 2002. He is my best friend and soul mate. We have a lot of fun and are usually laughing our butts off with each other.
We have two kitties,
Penny is "Tom's" cat. She is a beautiful, golden eyed, Calico. She was born in July of 2005.

She really enjoys being curled up in Tom's lap, and doesn't mind being rolled over on her back, as long as she gets her tummy rubbed.

Ellie is "my" cat. She is a short haired grey striped tabby. She's hilarious! most of the time she just kind of lays around, being annoying. But it's all because she loves us! She likes to crawl all over us while we are watching a movie or t.v.

She has a tendency to crawl into small spaces. She doesn't get stuck, but it is so funny to watch her crawl out!

I work for the headquarters of a world wide Taekwondo association, in the licensing department. Basically, our department handles all of the testings that schools have to rank their students to their next belt rank. I really like my job. It's a lot of fun talking to school owners from all over the country and all over the world.

Tom works for a major retailer's information technology department. He usually loves his job. Some days he hates it. But don't we all? A lot of the time, Tom tries to explain to me what he does at work and I really get confused. Haha!

Anyway, so hopefully I'll be able to talk Tom into posting on here too. He cracks me up. His exact word when I told him I started a blog was "Whatever." Haha!