I should find something productive to do...

A waste of about half an hour... lol! oh well!!

A - Available: only for Tom
A - Age: 26
A - Annoyance: annoying people?

B - Best Friends: Kandi, Monica, Ashley and Cass - and Tom
B - Bar: not much of a drinker.
B - Birthday: cake on Labor Day!!

C - Crush: Tom
C - Car: Neon
C - Cat: Penny and Ellie

D - Dead Pets Name: Idgy
D - Dad's Name: Bob
D - Dog: don't have one

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: Tom
E - Eggs: boiled?
E - Email: not likely lol

F - Favourite Colour: purple
F - Food: pizza
F - Foreign Slang: Hasta Lasagna!

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears
G - God: yes
G - Good Time: hanging out with friends and family

H - Hair Color: brunette
H - Height: 5 5
H - Happy: yes

I - Ice Cream: only carb right stuff
I - Instrument: I play the radio pretty well!
I - Idol: My favorite is David Cook - or Andrea if she makes it!!

J - Jewelry: my wedding ring and my engagement ring are all I ever wear
J - Job: ATA Testing Rep
J - Joke: i am not a big fan of the "dumb blonde" jokes

K - Kids: one day
K - Karate: Taekwondo
K - Kung Fu: Panda - hehehe!

L - Longest Car Ride: to Nashville, TN
L - Longest Relationship: almost 7 years!

M - Milk Flavor: i haven't had milk in almost 9 months!
M - Mother's Name: Linda (it means beautiful in Spanish - but we're not spanish.)
M - Movie Last Watched: The Italian Job

N - Number of Siblings: 1 bro, and 1 sis
N - Northern or Southern: Southern - with a mid-west accent... no clue where THAT came from!
N - Name: Jess-kah

O - One Wish: to have kids
O - Otter Pop: wha?
O - One Phobia: clowns

P - Parents, Married or Divorced?: married
P - Part Of Your Appearance You Like Best: my eyes
P - Part Of Your Personality You Like Best: my sense of humor

Q - Quote: Balls to that - thanks Luke!
Q - Question For The Next Person: Why are you reading what I'm putting here??
Q - Quick or Slow?: say wha?

R - Reason To Smile: Tom
R - Reality TV Show: umm... I don't think I watch much reality tv...
R - Right or Left: right handed

S - Song Last Heard: the song that never ends
S - Season: Fall - starts this week - I think?
S - Sex:Female

T - Time You Woke Up: 10:30 a.m
T - Time Now: 8:43 p.m.
T - Time For Bed: probably around 10ish

U - Unknown Fact About Me: i don't know...
U - Unicorns: i'll take two please.
U - U R: L?

V - Vegetable You Hate: brussel sprouts
V - Vegetable You Love: asparugus
V - View On Politics: conservative

W - Worst Habits: umm... actually, right now, I don't know... we quit smoking, I quit biting my nails...
W - Where Are You Going To Travel Next?: back to texas in January

- X-Rays: never had one... other than my teeth
X - X-Rated Porn: no thanks.
X - X-tra Special Someone: Tom

Y - Year You Were Born: 1983
Y - Year It Is Now: 2009
Y - Yellow: banana flavored laffy taffies

Z - Zoo Animal: penguins rock!!
Z - Zodiac: Cancer
Z - Zoolander: i was not happy with this movie.


What a great few days.

Seriously, the last three or four days have been really great!!

Saturday, Tom and I went to Sam's club, then we came home and watched movies all day! We had a great time watching the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then we watched He's Just Not That Into You, THEN, we watched Bob the Butler. We had a lot of fun.

Sunday, we went to Conway and had a GREAT church service! The message was about marriage and true love. It was a great message! One line that sticks out to be from service is "True love has not happy ending. True love HAS no ending." It was great. Very uplifting.

After church, we went to lunch at IHOP. I had some great tilapia with holandaise, and took a super cute picture of my wonderful husband.

Anyway, after IHOP, we went back to Tom's mother's house and hung out for a while. Then we went to Kandi and Joeys and had a great afternoon hanging out with them. We came back home and did laundry afterwards.

Monday went really quickly. Then, we got home and had dinner, then we headed out to Softball practice. Softball practice went really well! I had a great day! I hit well, played catcher well. Tom caught some great balls out in the field too!

Today has gone by really quickly... time for bed now!

Hopefully we'll have a great rest of the week!!


Happily Married

Are you sick and tired of hearing songs about "hooking up"?

I am. I am happily married. I really like this song:


Shoppers Hotline

Hey everyone,

Just dropping in to talk about Shoppers Hotline - I LOVE this program!

You get sent a scanner - if you qualify - and you scan everything you buy...

Once you scan it in, it's transmitted through either your phone line, or your computer, and you get points for your shopping trips!

Once you have enough points, you can cash them out for money on a visa debit card!! It's GREAT! I love it!! I have a document I can email anyone who is interested with my member number as a reference - I get bonus points if you are active with them for 6 months!! It's got the phone number and everything!! Message me, or email me if you're interested!! It's a lot of fun!!

<3 Jess


This year...

This year has been chock full of changes. It's crazy... the biggest one, I've written about before - losing weight. I'm down right at 70 pounds according to my scale. According to the doctor's scale I'm down 80... lol! Anyway, We're holding steady again, but we do that for weeks at a time, then we lose again.

The other big change happened on Saturday, August 1, 2009. This is how I looked:

See how long my hair is in a braid???It measured longer than Tom's ruler!!

Well, my bestfriend's daughter wanted to donate her hair to locks of love, and I got roped into the whole shibang!

So here's the new look!!

I love it!! It's shorter than I was originally going for, but it's super cute! Super easy to manage!!

What else is in store for 2009?? Guess y'all will just have to wait and see!!

<3 Jess


Me X 100 = A lot of me! haha!!

1. Real name → Jessica
2. Nickname(s)→Jess, Sweetie
3. Zodiac → Cancer
4. Male or female → Female
5. Elementary → St. Theresa's Catholic Schools, Watson Elementary, and Landmark Elementary
6. Middle School → Didn't do middle school (it was k through 6, then 7-8 was jr high, then 9-10 was high)
7. High School→ Bryant High
8. Hair color →Reddish Brown - more brown than red though
9. Long or short → haha! Short now!! Super cute though!!
10. Loud or Quiet → both
11. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
12. Phone or Camera → Camera - my Nikon D60 is nice!
13. Health freak → sort of... but not really
14. Drink or Smoke? → yes
15. Do you have a crush on someone → my hubby!
16. Eat or Drink → Eat
17. Piercings → Ears
18. Tattoos → Not yet

19. Been in an airplane→ Yes
20. Been in a relationship → Yes
21. Been in a car accident → Yes
22. Been in a fist fight →Yes

23. First piercing → The first one I remember was when I was like 5 years old.
24. First best friend → ummm... Ashley Thompson or Lindsey Gilbert (both softball friends)
25. First award → in the 2nd or 3rd grade I won a $500 Walden Books giftcard

29. Last person you talked to → Tom
30. Last person you texted → Kandi
31. Last person you watched a movie with → Tom and my parents
32. Last food you ate → Homemade crustless pizza
33. Last movie you watched → The Yes Man
34. Last song you listened to → Uhh, Heaven by Los Lonely Boys or something like that
35. Last thing you bought → Diet Dr. Pepper

37. Food → ummm... I think fish
38. Drinks → Water, diet dp, or Pecan Torte Coffee
39. Clothing → I love jeans and sweatshirts
40. Flower →Gerber Dasies and roses
42. Colors → Navy Blue, silver, and dark dark red
43. Movies → What Dreams May Come, The Harry Potter Series
44. Subjects → I loved my science classes, and most of my marketing classes in college

check all that apply
In 2008, I....

45. [X] kissed someone
46. [X] participated on Halloween
47. [X] had your heart broken
48. [] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
49. [] someone questioned your sexual orientation
50. [] got someone pregnant
51. [X] got pregnant
52. [] had an abortion
53. [X]done something you've regretted
54. [X] broke a promise
55. [X] hid a secret
56. [X] pretended to be happy
57. [] met someone who changed your life
58. [X] pretended to be sick
59. [] left the country
60. [X]tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
61. [X] cried over the silliest thing
62. [] ran a mile
63. [] went to the beach with your best friend
64. [] got into an argument with your friends
65. [X] hated someone
66. [] stayed single the whole year

67. Eating → Nothing, still digesting dinner
68. Drinking → Diet DP
69. I'm about to → Digi- scrap!
70. Listening to → Nickelback!
71. Plans for today → wind down, take a shower, go to bed
72. Waiting for → nothing... I'm pretty content

73. Want kids? → Yes, hopefully soon!
74. Want to get married? → Nah - I'm good thanks!
75. Careers in mind →I would love to be a project manager for marketing firm - or a manager for a massage center.

83. Lost glasses/contacts → don't wear
84. Snuck out of your house → no
85. Held a gun/knife for self defense → nope
86. Killed somebody → Would I tell you?! lol No
87. Broken someone's heart → not that I know of
88. Been arrested → nope
89. Cried when someone died → Yes

90. Yourself → Here lately
91. Miracles → totally
92. Love at first sight → no, but I do believe in love
93. Heaven → Yes
94. Santa Claus → Yes!!!
95. Sex on the first date → Does "Believe In" mean you AGREE with it? Or just that you've done it?
96. Kiss on the first date → Depends on the guy, the night, the mood

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → Pretty much
99. Do you believe in God → Yes
100. Post as 100 truths