Three Weeks?!

I know, I was doing so good keeping up with blogging on a regular basis... I have excuses though! Are you ready?

#1. Fall Nationals - One of the three National Events where testing and midterming is available to my high ranking Black Belts. It's held in Orlando, so I have to have all of my materials ready almost a week in advance so it can be taken with those that actually GET to go to Orlando... me? I'm a peon, therefore, I get to stay at HQ and pray everything goes well. LOL! Anyway, I get super slammed the few weeks prior to testing and then again the couple of weeks after... it gets a little crazy...

#2. Christmas Ornaments - This year, Tom and I are not buying any Christmas ornaments/decorations for the house, everything is going to be homemade, or reused from years past. For example, I've made 25 Chenille Stem snowflakes, about 30 Chenille stem candy canes, and 25 Chenille stem snowmen. I already have all of the ornaments Tom made as a kid, the very few that I have that I made as a child, plus I have a couple dozen gingerbread men from last year.

I am waiting on supplies to get delivered for bell wreaths. Those should be lots of fun!! Also, I want to make Ribbon Wreaths, but I haven't gotten the gumption to do it yet. lol! I'm also going to take Crepe paper, and make paper snowflake chains for garland - and i think we're going to thread popcorn for a garland.

I still have to come up with SOMETHING for a tree topper. I don't have a clue yet...

I also have a craft to do with Cathy's kids, but I can't say much about it, since my sister may read my blog lol!

#3. I've been on a kind of anti-computer stint here lately. I just think sometimes I'm on it too much, and not doing something else productive... Today, though, I've done a LOT! lol! I've been busy busy!


I am hopefully doing a couple more photoshoots in the upcoming weeks. plus i have a few cakes to do, some cookies, and a couple of cheese cakes. lol

OH! Not to mention the new Harry Potter movie comes out this coming week... I SOOOOOOOOO want to see it!!!

Gotta run!

<3 Me!

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