It's only been a minute...

I know, it's been a little more than a minute since my last post...

I'm doing LOTS of cakes, LOTS of photography, and LOTS of cleaning house! haha!!

Hopefully I'll have pics of everything here soon!!

I did want to share this link...

actually, i'm lying...

I don't want y'all to do these... I wanna do them... but the only way I can save the video is to post it to my blog!!! lol!!

I'm a sleeze, right?

You love me though!!!

Anyway, I got this video from Alison at How Does She? OMG! If you have not been to How Does She? you have not lived!!! lol!! I love it!!!

Anyway, the vid:

Gosh I hope this works!!!



  1. There is no video. Do you have printed instructions???