Best. Day Before My Birthday. Ever. pt. 2

So, Tom and I had desert after my birthday dinner tonight.

We went to Scrumdiliumptious IceCream.

Tom was looking around on the internet for ice cream shops and just stumbled across it. It's in Sherwood. He thought, man! It's called Scrumdiliumptious, that's cool! and thought that I might like it.

He was beyond right!!

We walked in, and right away, you could tell it was an ice cream parlor, but then, the lady had us take a look at the menu, and said she'd held us as soon as we were ready, and pointed out that their were photos of the menu items on the wall.

So i looked at the menu, and low and behold, half of the menu was named after Willy Wonka characters, the other half, were named after HARRY POTTER STUFF!!! There was the Haggrid, Dumbledoor, Fizzing Whizbeez, the Weazlee, and so on... everything was just BARELY misspelled, so that there weren't any trademark infringements.

Everything was delicious!! and fantastic!!! I can't wait to go back next week!! I'm going to bring my big camera next time i think though. hehe!!

Here are the pics we got!!

Me at Platform 9 3/4!!!

Hagrid, on one of the doors

The sign on their little half door that led behind the ice cream counter. "No Muggles Allowed."

The door to the bathroom, painted to look like the Fat Lady, who normally guards the gateway to the Gryffindor common room.

How fun is that?!?!?!?!

ok gotta go!

<3 Jessica


  1. That is a cool poster you have of the fat lady. I was wondering if you could steer me towards the image you used to make such a large picture or if I could borrow yours. I am looking for a poster for my daughters 9th birthday party. You can email me at joshuameyers@gmail.com.

  2. I too would really like to get the image you used to print the fat lady. I can't find anything high enough resolution.

  3. I would also like to get the image you used as I cannot find one with high enough resolution. If you have or can direct me to it, my email is traynors@shaw.ca. I am planning for a party on November 19 so a reply sooner than then would be greatly appreciated!