What a great weekend! (So far anyway!)

This is starting off as such a great weekend.

I had a really rough week - lots of drama. Work was crazy. Things seemed to settle down - haha - once I got home! Anyway, Tom decided that we should have a weekend of our own. Our plans for today? to veg in front of the tv/laptops.

I came home last night, and asked Tom if I could have a "testosterone" evening lol! I wanted to watch action movies, and play Halo, so I could blow people up! lol

Friday night (last night), we watched Die hard, which I've never seen before. I was pleased with it! Then, we watched Batman and Robin - not the greatest movie - but definitely good enough to satisfy my "testosterone" craving lol! we both got busy on our laptops and rather than playing Halo, we put on a couple of episodes of Rough Science - it's a neat show from PBS. Definitely a good NetFlix find!

Tom plays a game called EV Nova, that's what he was busy with last night. Me? I did photo editing:


Andrea and Juan Sebastian

Kayla and Nikki



So then, after a couple of episodes of Rough Science, I crashed.

This morning (Saturday) we got up and headed back to our living room. We've loafed around today. haha! We started the day by watching Blazing Saddles, and now we're finishing up Rough Science. Here soon, I'll need to work on dishes/cleaning the kitchen, I need to clean the cats' bathroom. (Yes, our cats have their own bathroom lol!) Then, I also need to work on laundry.

Oh well, gunna be a decently busy evening.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Tom's got to go and help my dad move my grandfather from one building to the next at his Assisted living place in little rock. Then, Tom's mother is coming to dinner. I don't know what we're going to do after dinner. Probably just sit around and yack. Oh well.

Then it's back to the dailey grind on Monday.

Talk to you all later!!

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