What a great week...

Wow... this has been a fantastic week!
1. Numbers look good at work. We have been bustin' ass and takin' names!!
2. Fall Nationals was Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Orlando. Sounds like everyone had a good time.
3. I gave my Miley Cyrus ticket to my niece, well, she's my best friend's daughter, so she's my "niece" lol! I love my nieces and nephews - biological or not! So, I decided she'd get way more out of the concert than I would. That's tonight.

Here are the girls in front of the stadium at the Miley Cyrus concert!

Here they are in front of a green screen! Aren't they adorable??

4. I won tickets on Tom FM to Billy Joel and Elton John!! I'm so excited! I was begging Tom to try and win tickets for me, but I wound up winning them! yay!
5. I stepped on the scale - I started the diet at 290 pounds, I'm now at 196.5! Only 6 1/2 more pounds, and i hit goal.
6. Tom and I went shopping for new jeans today. I got a pair of size 16 jeans... yay!! And they are super cute!!

I'm having so much fun in life right now!! I hope things are going well for everyone else... I can't wait to see pics tomorrow from Cathy. She's with the girls at the concert. Sounds like they are having a BLAST!!!

<3 Jessica

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