Ok, so this week has been way hectic! We were behind at work. Finally, got caught up and then, one of the girls in our office got fired on the last day of the month. Michelle and I handled the 1st and 2nd day of the month (Thursday and Friday) by ourselves pretty well! I was quite surprised at how well we kind of slid into our One-Man-Down mode. But she and I work really well together - when we don't have someone trying to keep us at odds.

Anyway, so that was this past week.

This weekend has been great! Friday night, Tom and I went to dinner at Chizi's- our favorite little buffett pizza place. Then, we went to Dillard's and picked me up a new wallet. Then we walked around the mall and then we went to Garden Ridge in west little rock. That was a lot of fun! Very rarely do we ever buy anything at Garden Ridge - but we love to look around at the stuff that they have.

Tom and I are doing a Gingerbread man christmas theme this year! I can't wait! We have most of the decorations already - I just need a LOT of felt, some buttons and some thread lol! Oh! Did I tell you?? I'm making my halloween costume this year! Well, mine and Kandi's! I'm super excited!!

That's off topic! Ok, so we got home Friday night, watched a movie, then Tom played his game, and I crashed on the couch. Then, Saturday, Tom and I worked on our computers in the office. Then, we went to my sister's house for my nephew's birthday party!

Kayla, Nikki, Maddy, and Jason were all there.

TJ and his Lightning McQueen cake!!

TJ wanting to share his cake with me!

TJ, after he opened some of his gifts. He looks excited doesn't he?

TJ and his mommy!

TJ and his big gift, a scooter!!

Nikki and me!!

We had a great time! After TJ's party, we came back home and hung out, watched a movie or two, then headed to bed.

Sunday, we woke up, took a shower, and slipped into fresh pjs and watched the 10th Kingdom! Now, we're waiting on dinner, and watching Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Dinner smells freakin' righteous!

The weather today has been awesome! cooler temperatures and rain! I am in flannel pj pants and a long sleeve tee! We have the windows open!! It's awesome!! I'm looking for new recipes to use - I got one for White Chili - Super excited!

October is a super busy month for us:

Saturday the 10th - Tom and I are possibly going to go with Tom's mom to an SCA event so I can photograph them. Then possibly trying to meet up with Ashley for dinner that night in White Hall.
Sunday the 11th - I need to go to Conway so that I can get working on my and kandi's halloween costumes.

Friday the 16th - Nikki is going to come and spend the night, then Saturday the 17th, Nikki, Cahy, and I are doing the Walk for the Cure.

Saturday the 24th is the Miley Cyrus concert - and yes I'm going. It's me, Cathy and Nikki going! Nikki doesn't know yet. It'll be a total shocker!

Then, we have Lisa's 3rd birthday on the 27th.

THEN, we are going trick or treating with Kandi and her kids and brothers. We're going to have a blast!!
I'm tired just thinking about this month!!

Anyway! I'm out!

<3 you all!

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