Nikki's Softball Headband!

My niece, Nicole, has started playing softball. She plays second base for the Softball Sweeties. An adorable softball team in hot pink and black. Nikki doesn't like to have her hair up in a pony tail - so I did a little research online and found lots of SUPER cute ideas, and came up with the following:

Nikki's Softball Headband

  • Plastic Headbands
  • Fake Hot Pink Flowers
  • Satin Ribbon (Hot Pink & Black)
  • Rhinestones
  • Puff Paint (White and Black)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Step 1: I hot glued the ribbon to the inside of the headband. It's going to get covered up, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2: I started wrapping from the end - all the way up to the center of the top of the headband. Make sure to glue every so often (on the under side of the headband).

Step 3: At the center of the top, I glued down the ribbon, and cut it off. Then I started again from the other end. This way I didn't wind up with a weird look at either end. :)

Step 4: After finishing the black ribbon, I took a piece of pink, and wrapped it - not as close together, but still tight - I also glued down the pink on the underside of the headband.

Step 5: I disassembled a couple different fake hot pink flowers to see which one I liked better on the top (I decided on the flower on the left - because the other was a little wild lol!)

Step 6: Also, you see the two ribbons on the top? I used the puff paint to put her softball nnumber (#20) and her name on them, then I embellished them with a couple rhinestones. Those are going to hang down from the back (to kind of mix with Nik's hair while she's out in the field).

This is the finished product! I hot glued the name/number ribbons to the top center of the band, then hot glued the flower on top to hide the ends of the ribbons.

Super cute right??

Well, I played softball when I was a kid, and I remembered using shoe strings to tie up my sleeves while I played - so I decided Nik needed matching Sleeve Ties:

Nikki's Softball Sleeve Ties:

(Sorry the pic is turned sideways - I was the loser that didn't flip it before I posted... lol!)

  • Satin Ribbon (Hot Pink & Black)
  • Rhinestones
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue ( I use Aleene's because it's the best stuff on earth - to me haha!)
  • Tweezers (you don't HAVE to use tweezers, to me it's more work than necessary - but every tutorial I saw said to use tweezers to hold your rhinestones when you glue them.)

Step 1:
Take a piece of black and a piece of pink - lay them on the counter and adhere them together in the center (I used hot glue, because I was too impatient to wait for the Aleene's to dry.)

Step 2:
I glued 3 rhinestones to the ends of each ribbon (this gets a little tricky - because you want to make sure that your rhinestones are on the "out side" of your ribbons.
This way you make sure there are sparklies for your wee one to show off!

I will have to put up pics later of my Nikki girl sporting her hot pink and black get up! :)

I hope y'all like my little tutorial/walk through lol! I had a lot of fun making them! I hope Nik likes them!

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