Wooden Anniversary...

Tom and I have been married for 5 years as of the March 19th. The 5th anniversary is the Wooden Anniversary.

Friday afternoon, I left work early. I stopped by our house, packed a weekend bag, and gathered our toiletries. I loaded up the truck, and left to pick Tom up early from work. I arrived at Tom's work around 430 and texted him:

Me: Can you leave early?
Tom: I'll have to find out... Yes.
Me: Then come on!
Tom: You're already here?
Me: Yup! Let's get this weekend started! I love you!
Tom: Lol
Me: Are you smiling?
Tom: Kind of...

Tom knew I'd planned SOMETHING for the weekend, he's known that for a few weeks, he just didn't know WHAT I had planned. Tom got into the truck and we were off...

The hotel that I had booked a room at was right around the corner from Tom's work, so we drove over. It was at that time that I told Tom what was in store for him for the weekend... He didn't even realize there were clothes in the back! lol!

He had a huge grin on his face! It was so adorable! We got to the hotel, and checked in, and then grabbed our stuff from the truck and took it to our room. It was nice - top floor - river view. Very nice... we stayed at the Double Tree, and Tom was excited because we got chocolate chip cookies at check in lol!

Anyway, so we dropped off our stuff, and then headed out to dinner. We went to Red Lobster - had a couple drinks, some lobster and shrimp, stuff mushrooms, and cheddar bay biscuits... nom nom nom...

This was a Sunset Pina Colada - It was awesome!!

After dinner we had to go back to the house, because I fail at packing lol! I forgot to pack Tom a couple of Tshirts, some socks, and I forgot to grab our clothes for the wedding we were attending Saturday afternoon... Tom said I was fired from packing ever again lol!

Anyway, after we picked up the forgotten items, we went back to the hotel. It was nice to have satellite to watch lol. We don't even have cable at our house. So we watched some Discovery Channel and Food Channel lol! We also had some good old fashion celebrating... lol (I'll spare you the details lol!)

Saturday, we woke up kind of late and walked down to the River Market for some lunch at the Flying Burrito. It was really good. Then, we decided to walk across the river, which I've never done... because I don't like heights, or fast running water lol! Anyway, we walked to the North Little Rock side, down to Dickey Stadium, and then back across the Broadway bridge. It was a nice walk, except I was in flip flops lol!

Anyway, after our walk, we went back to the hotel, (a little more celebrating), then showered and hung out until we needed to get ready for the wedding. We watched some more Discover Channel, they were running a Dirty Jobs marathon. Neat show, some of his jobs were just nasty though lol!

Then, we got dressed and ready for Keith and Bethany's wedding. Keith is a friend of Tom's. He's also the real estate agent we used when we bought our home. Bethany is a great girl, super sweet. She is family of one of the clients at the massage center I used to work at. I'd only seen her in passing, until our house warming party. She's a doll though! I wish I'd taken a picture of the bride and groom. She was gorgeous and he was just smitten! hehe! I did snag a couple of pics of me and Tom:

We clean up pretty nice, don't we?

Seriously? Can't keep a straight face to save his life...

Anyway, we had a lovely time at the wedding, spoke with a few of Tom's co-workers, and other friends of Tom's. He seemed to enjoy showing me off lol! We ran into one of his old co-workers, who left after a year and a half ago. He didn't get to see Tom during his transformation (weight loss), and was really taken aback when he ran into Tom. It was cute. haha!

Anyway, had a really good time at the reception. After which we wound up running to Arbys for some roast beef and potato cakes (yummy!). Then back to the hotel room. We watched some more Dirty Jobs.

Hanging out in the hotel room.

Again, can't keep a straight face to save his life...

Then, we fell asleep, but not before filling out our room service card. I know, I'm a goob, but I've never had room service before. Anyway, so we ordered breakfast to be delivered at 9 a.m. That was a neat experience. AND EXPENSIVE!! haha! But sooooooooo good!
After breakfast, we showered, and got repacked so that we could get out on time for check-out.
Then, we headed out to grab lunch before heading home. We went to US Pizza Co - quite yummy! Then back home.
I cleaned up our bedroom, dusted everything from the ceiling to the feet of our night stands. I vacuumed, and threw away some stuff. Then, I changed the sheets on our bed, and ran laundry. A LOT of laundry. While I was doing laundry, I got interrupted:

She's just so darn cute!!

Anyway, we went to dinner, then the grocery store. Now we're just waiting for bedtime!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! I know I did!

<3 Jess

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