Blogger is back up! Yay!

so I was trying to update the page yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me... :( oh well... i'm good now.

Things are great right now, I have a couple of little projects i've been working on here at the house, hopefully, I'll get pictures up soon... lol...
That's the goal, right?

Anyway, the countdown has begun... 17 days until World Championship Testing/Midterming...
I think I'm doing good... yay me... I am working on the last few applications. Tomorrow I'm going to work on my number stickers. Also, this week I need to start setting up my score sheets. hehe, then I gotta get my "Jacobs Box" going, pens, highlighters, etc.

anyways, I need to get cracking on my list to go to the Tournaments department... so i guess i'll do that for now...

Anyway! I'm out!
PS. What better marketing than the truth - "Drink Barq's. It's good." lol! darn strait!

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