please disregard the mistakes...

please disregard any spelling and/or grammar errors...

i'm a little out of it.

oooooooooooh. i want to get new end tables for our living room. we have glass ones right now, and they don't match... at all... lol

ooh! we are watching csi... that's an awesome show.

i don't want to do dishes tonight... does it make me a nasty person cuz i don't want to do the dishes tonight? I will be doing them tomorrow night, i try really hard to not let dishes sit more than 1 day - cuz it's yucky... but i just don't wanna...

I am so excited! There is so much excitement in the air for World Championships. We had a meeting today, giving us kind of a run through of worlds, I'm really excited. we have two weeks to the day until International Rank Testing. I'm really excited! I know, now i sound like a big goob - there is a really good chance that i'm going to get to do lots of stuff downtown for Worlds. i LOVE this time of year - super busy, super hectic! I love "crisis managament" situations. and this is like a full week of it. plus! I get to hang out with a lot of GREAT people that i only get to see once a year!

I love it.

so if you're coming to worlds, let me know!

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