Fun weekend!

Ok, so I have had 4 of the best days so far this year. It's just been a great 4 days. 2 great days at work! 1 of which was my friend Marissa's birthday. She's been excited about turning 30 for a long time, and I turned 27 on the 10th - which I have known since I was like 15 that 27 is the "perfect age". It's going to be a good year! lol!
Anyway, Saturday, we went to Conway to visit Kandi and Joey and the kids. We had a lot of fun, started off at Kandi's mom's house. We got to hang out with her for a little bit, and I got to show off the stuff I'm working on for Jamie's shower - I got very good reviews. :) hehe!

Then, we went back to Kandi's house and hung out with her and the kids all day! It was so much fun!! I even did a photo shoot with the kids. Check these out!

Jason 8 years old

Kayla 6 years old

Maddy 4 years old (Almost 5)

Maddy and Jason

Maddy & Kayla

While the lighting wasn't great because of the time of day I was taking these, I think I have a couple of FANTASTIC pics!! hehe! I love taking photos. These kids are so much fun to take pics of too!

I can't wait to steal Cathy's kids to do a photoshoot!

After the photo shoot, Kandi, Joey, myself, and Jamie (on speaker phone) cleared up the last of the details for Jamie's shower. Then, Joey and I talked money. Then, it was more hanging out!

We headed out around midnight. Slept in until about 10 Sunday morning. We spent the morning hanging out, just me and Tom. Then, we got to talk to Tom's dad - He's still in Germany but hopefully heading back to Texas soon.

Then, we went out back and started mapping out where our back patio is going to go. Now, it's just a matter of getting our materials list together, and quite possibly start clearing out the area and setting things up next weekend! Yay!! Possibly by the end of the summer, we should have our patio finished! We should be able to have a nice fall patio party... How great would that be?!

Anyway, now I'm working on trying to relax before this week - End of month gets me so wound up! lol!

Anyways, I'm off here now. I've got to upload pics on Kandi's facebook page and then on to mine. Love you all!

<3 Jess

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