how tired am I...?

So, how tired am I?

Well, I'm at my desktop computer versus my lappy - cuz I tend to give up on the lappy when I'm a little sleepy... lol plus hubby is playing his scary Alan Wake game...

I helped lay about 1/3 of the bricks for our patio... which is exhausting! Those chunks are HEAVY - 9 in long X 6 in wide X 2 1/2 in deep. Those suckers are CHUNKS! haha!

Plus, Hubs and I were up super late last night - like until almost 2, then we were up at 7 to get a-cracka-lackin' on the patio! lol.

Anyway, so please bear with me if I ramble... lol! (what? ME? ramble? no.... must be someone else's blog you're reading, right?) Also, please don't pay attention to the typos and missing words... it's the sleep deprivation haha!

I've got a contest I am entering some of my photos in... should know in a couple of weeks how that went... Also I have the invites to Jamie's shower going out on Monday. They are SUPER cute!! I was bragging to the girl at Walmart about how well I thought they turned out - she wants me to call walmart HQ to see if they would sell my template! hehe! I'm not so sure of that, haha... Wal-Mart is the "Evil Empire" lol! They shouldn't have my work! lol

Anyway, so I mentioned we are working on our patio... I can't wait to do the full blog about it... it's so freakin' awesome! I'm really proud. It's our first home improvement project - well, unless you count demolishing the original wooden porch that WAS where the patio is going... and that was DEFINITELY an improvement haha! I'm really excited! My dad has been helping us a LOT too...

We have a trip planned here soon... probably won't detail about it until we get back... some slime balls are out there scouring the internet for people who talk about being on vay-cay. So i'm trying to be better... anyways, so if you don't see updates or anything from me for a few days, I'm not dead I promise!!

What else....? Oooh! I was talking about walmart earlier... haha... We found these 160 calorie ice cream sandwiches that are TO DIE FOR. omg. so good. Please go buy them... I need to buy stock in them... I dont' remember the brand though... such a horrible fan, eh?

okie doke y'all... I'm at 70% of downloading the Office 2010 for my desktop... rar... I think I'm going to hit up some Frontierville on FB!

Peace out g-monies!

<3 Jess

PS. How tired am I? Pretty-freakin'-tired. lol!

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