week in review

week in review

Last week was end of month, which means it gets super hectic because we have to get everything in house in our department done! Crazy! But, it's been really good, because we have been at least hitting some of our numbers haha!

Last weekend, Tom and I measured out where our back patio is going to go. Yesterday (Saturday) we went and priced all of our materials - basically went to Home Depot and got prices, then went to Lowe's to see who had the better deal. We were wanting 500 bricks. Home Depot had then for 98 cents each. Not bad, about what we thought we were going to pay on the bricks (about 1/2 the budget). Then, after pricing at Home Depot, we went over to Lowe's and found the exact same brick, on clearance - for get this: 39 cents a brick! WOOHOO!! We more than halved our cost on the bricks! SAWEEET!

Also yesterday, my dad came over and helped us stake out where the patio is going to go, and helped us finalize our design plans for the patio. Then, we started digging... lol!

We are about 2/5 of the way done digging, I think we'll get it done today. Then, we'll need to level the ground, then decide how much sand we're going to need. Then, lay the bricks. We should (if everything goes well, mind you) be able to sit down on our back patio this time next weekend! woohoo!!

I have some pics, I will definitely be taking more... I'll post them all once we have the finished project!

Time to get digging! Please pray for my poor blistered hands, and my aching back! lol!

<3 Jessica

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