Super Excited Much?




Ok, so my best friend, Kandi, just told me that her boss - the owner of one of the day cares in Conway, AR - wants ME to come and take photos of the kids in the day care!!!


How cool is that? Kandi said that her boss loved the way I "capture the moment" when I take kids' pictures! I've asked for a practice run - working with two of the younger classes in the day care. I think I've got a decent idea of a system to utilize, I have GREAT organizational skills, and a THRILL every time I pick up my camera... That should be good enough right?! lol!

So, in light of this new found appreciation of my "work," (I can't actually call it work, because of how much fun it is in the process) I am going to post some of my pics here on my blog, so I can share some of my favorites!

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