such a great weekend...

So, this has been a great weekend.

Friday, was a long day that ended a long week. sometimes I feel like the weekends don't last long enough, but this has been great. Lot's of Tom and Jess time.

Friday afternoon after Tom picked me up from work, we stopped at our local gas station and picked up a couple of sodas and headed to the house. We stepped out onto our deck to get the grill going, and when we opened it up for the first grill of the year - what do we find? A wasp nest! eek!! We don't want to spray chemicals into our grill, so currently we are researching non chemical ways of getting rid of a wasp's nest.

So, we cooked our steaks indoors, along with broccoli and some of the best bread EVER. Then, we spent the evening watching some Netflix, just hanging out. it was AWESOME.

Saturday morning, we got up and hung out in our bed, playing on our phones, then got up and headed out to shop around for a graduation gift from Tom's younger cousin, TJ. He's graduating from UT Austin... which we're going to go! ME!!?! at UT?!?! woot! Gotta hit up the book store... I don't have enough burnt orange stuff. lol.

Anyway, then we met Tom's mom in Maumelle for lunch at Beef O' Bradys, which none of us have ever been before. It was really good, I got their chicken tenders (of course... i go to a place for beef and i get chicken lol!) Had a good time hanging out with Tom's mom. After lunch, Tom and I did some more shopping around... we had an idea about what we wanted to get for TJ, but couldn't find it... come to find out, the company that made what we wanted to get him, quit shipping to the US a while ago... they are GOING to be shipping again, just not yet. Oh well! we found something EVEN better! I can't say what it is, because Teej is on my facebook page. lol!

While we were shopping around for TJ, I found something that I just had to get!!

I love, love, LOVE Harry Potter. And you have to know, I have passed up on a LOT of board games, with no interest because they are based on just one book of the series. However, this one... This game is not based one one book... it's more of based on the series as a whole... and it is AMAZING!!!!!! Tom and I've played like 6 games already!

Ok, so that was Saturday. Oh wait! I forgot! I also baked and decorated Ashley's birthday cake! It's based on the cake that Hagrid made for Harry on his 11th birthday:

Hagrid's cake

The cake I made for Ashley

I think it turned out cute! lol!! So Sunday, Tom and I met up with Ashley for brunch at IHop. Well, I guess I should say Lunch. We met up at 1130 and all three of us got lunch items. haha! The waitresses and waiters came and sang to Ashley, even though her birthday was last Tuesday. It was hilarious!! I have to tell you, that i can not explain how funny it was... Ashley was so freakin' embarrassed. oh it was great. I'm laughing as I'm typing this from the memory of Ashley's face "Oh my God, they're coming this way!" lol!!

Ok, so after lunch, Tom and I went back to the house, played another couple of rounds of Harry Potter Clue, then I starting playing my Sims2 game for the PSP that I got the other day... it's for the Texas trip. yay! and Tom got to play a couple of hours on his game on the xbox... THEN, we cooked dinner, and i played for a solid HOUR on the solitaire on my phone...

omg. I needed a weekend like this...

How was y'all's weekend??
mine was great...

<3 Jess

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