I should find something productive to do...

A waste of about half an hour... lol! oh well!!

A - Available: only for Tom
A - Age: 26
A - Annoyance: annoying people?

B - Best Friends: Kandi, Monica, Ashley and Cass - and Tom
B - Bar: not much of a drinker.
B - Birthday: cake on Labor Day!!

C - Crush: Tom
C - Car: Neon
C - Cat: Penny and Ellie

D - Dead Pets Name: Idgy
D - Dad's Name: Bob
D - Dog: don't have one

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: Tom
E - Eggs: boiled?
E - Email: not likely lol

F - Favourite Colour: purple
F - Food: pizza
F - Foreign Slang: Hasta Lasagna!

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears
G - God: yes
G - Good Time: hanging out with friends and family

H - Hair Color: brunette
H - Height: 5 5
H - Happy: yes

I - Ice Cream: only carb right stuff
I - Instrument: I play the radio pretty well!
I - Idol: My favorite is David Cook - or Andrea if she makes it!!

J - Jewelry: my wedding ring and my engagement ring are all I ever wear
J - Job: ATA Testing Rep
J - Joke: i am not a big fan of the "dumb blonde" jokes

K - Kids: one day
K - Karate: Taekwondo
K - Kung Fu: Panda - hehehe!

L - Longest Car Ride: to Nashville, TN
L - Longest Relationship: almost 7 years!

M - Milk Flavor: i haven't had milk in almost 9 months!
M - Mother's Name: Linda (it means beautiful in Spanish - but we're not spanish.)
M - Movie Last Watched: The Italian Job

N - Number of Siblings: 1 bro, and 1 sis
N - Northern or Southern: Southern - with a mid-west accent... no clue where THAT came from!
N - Name: Jess-kah

O - One Wish: to have kids
O - Otter Pop: wha?
O - One Phobia: clowns

P - Parents, Married or Divorced?: married
P - Part Of Your Appearance You Like Best: my eyes
P - Part Of Your Personality You Like Best: my sense of humor

Q - Quote: Balls to that - thanks Luke!
Q - Question For The Next Person: Why are you reading what I'm putting here??
Q - Quick or Slow?: say wha?

R - Reason To Smile: Tom
R - Reality TV Show: umm... I don't think I watch much reality tv...
R - Right or Left: right handed

S - Song Last Heard: the song that never ends
S - Season: Fall - starts this week - I think?
S - Sex:Female

T - Time You Woke Up: 10:30 a.m
T - Time Now: 8:43 p.m.
T - Time For Bed: probably around 10ish

U - Unknown Fact About Me: i don't know...
U - Unicorns: i'll take two please.
U - U R: L?

V - Vegetable You Hate: brussel sprouts
V - Vegetable You Love: asparugus
V - View On Politics: conservative

W - Worst Habits: umm... actually, right now, I don't know... we quit smoking, I quit biting my nails...
W - Where Are You Going To Travel Next?: back to texas in January

- X-Rays: never had one... other than my teeth
X - X-Rated Porn: no thanks.
X - X-tra Special Someone: Tom

Y - Year You Were Born: 1983
Y - Year It Is Now: 2009
Y - Yellow: banana flavored laffy taffies

Z - Zoo Animal: penguins rock!!
Z - Zodiac: Cancer
Z - Zoolander: i was not happy with this movie.

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