It's been too long...

Sorry It's been so long - here's the low down...

We've been SUPER busy - at work and at home!

This month we have two big things:

First, my and Tom's 5 year anniversary! March 19th, 2010! I can't wait! I have a surprise weekend awaiting my doting hubby! We have a wedding to go to on Saturday - :) - Perfect event for an anniversary weekend, right?

Second, Spring Nationals for ATA in Las Vegas - don't get all excited... I don't get to go lol! Maybe another time. lol But I handle all of the registration - eek! so i've got to finish that up so everything goes smoothly. That's the week after our anniversary. Should be fun!

February FLEW by!

We had Nikki's 7th birthday:

Nikki and Kayla went to Pink Bliss in Little Rock, and got to have a little pink and purple princess make over!

Nikki and Kayla had a photo shoot - aren't they adorable?

Then, we had Kayla's birthday:

[ok, now my blogger is messing up! GRRRR!! Oh well, I'll post the pics on my facebook if you're interested!]

For Kay's birthday we did a slumber party and then a party on saturday afternoon!

Tom and I didn't do anything special for Valentine's day, because our anniversary is so close, but the girls and I did decorate our office. It was super cute! Lots of hearts every where! It was a busy month - but this month is going to be a LOT busier!!

Gotta head to bed! Y'all have a great day!

<3 Jess

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