This is the only friggen week this entire year that I DON'T want to be sick... Well, this week, and the week of worlds. Anyway...

I'm sick. I've got the coughy, sinus-ey, fever-ey crud everyone else has had, but, I am one of those - when i get a fever - which is NOT very often at all. I go home. No sense in getting everyone else sick, right?

Well, so here's the thing, I seem to be the only one at work that feels that way. there are A LOT of people at work, who just work sick - which is fine if they'd do their work at home, and like tele-conference it in or whatever. but to purposely come to work, when you know you are sick and quite possibly contagious - WTF?

Anyway, so I'm sick, and this week I was going to finish up all of the last minute stuff for Spring Nationals. I wanted to have it all done by Wednesday so that if I needed Marissa's help with any of it, i'd have her available. But now, it looks like I may have to ask her to do it - depending on what her schedule looks like.

The real #1 reason why I don't want to be sick this week, is Friday is my and Tom's 5 year wedding anniversary... I spent $250 on an anniversary surprise for him, and now, it might be $250 down the friggen tube. All because some people couldn't go to the doctor - or just stay home when they realized they weren't well. Grrr.

Ok, I'm done ranting... Tom's making me some coffee... maybe that will help me be not such a witch. The biggest problem I am facing right now, is that because I haven't had enough sleep, my nerves are shot and i've been crying for the past half hour or so, and can't stop.

I'm out
<3 Jess

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