Fun day!

Today has been such a fun day!

This morning, Tom and I headed out around 10:30 or so. We went to Sports Clips to get Tom's ears lowered. {hehe} His normal girl wasn't there, so he had another girl. She cut his hair a shade shorter than he normally gets. It still looks good, don't get me wrong! It's just shorter.

After Sports Clips, went headed into town and went to Michael's. I'm telling you, this is like the greatest store EVA! {lol!} We walked around randomly around the store for a few minutes. Then, we hit up their Clearance Section. {I mean, really, who doesn't hit the clearance area??} Anyway, nothing really reached out and said "Buy me! Take me home!" So, then we went to their Baking section. {Seriously, I could live in Michael's... You can live off of fondant, right?}

I am very, very interested in all things cake & cupcake decorating right now. So, I can drift for hours down the cake isle. Anyway, so I knew I wanted to get a couple more coupler sets. {For those who don't know, couplers are used in/with your icing bags and tips so that you can easily, quickly, and cleanly change your icing tips.} So I grabbed a package of 4. Then, this really nice lady leaned over and asked if we knew where the birthday candles were. She said she wouldn't have asked us, but we looked like we knew about cakes. {Awwww!!! How cute, right?}

Anyway, so we still spent another 20 minutes or so on the baking isle. I had my couplers, and I also grabbed a fondant smoother. I don't use a lot of fondant, but I found a super cool tip online to make your buttercream icing super smooth. {Want to know the tip? Yeah, I knew you would.}

After frosting your cake, let stand until frosting becomes "crusty". You know it's at the right stage when you can tap the frosting and it will move slightly, but not come off on your finger. Once at this stage, place a non patterned paper towel on your cake, and apply slight pressure in circular movements around your cake. You can use your hand, but a fondant smoother also works, and can apply pressure more evenly. Check your cake multiple times to make sure you haven't completely screwed up the icing. {hehe} You can apply this same technique on the sides of the cake as well!

Ok. So after Michael's, we hit up Hobby Lobby. We walked out empty handed, {which is always disappointing} but we did get some good research done. For instance, a lot of the stuff that Michael's has, Hobby Lobby has too. And, some of the stuff is cheaper at HL than Michael's. However, some of the stuff is cheaper at Michael's than HL. Good research!

Then, we hit up Whole Hog! {Nom, Nom!} I got the loaded baked potato, and Tom got the bar-b-q nachos. We got to catch a bit of the Tennessee vs. Alabama at Birmingham {I think that's the school anyway} game. Tennessee was woopin' butt. Grr... Not a big fan of TN.

Anyway, after lunch, we ran through Garden Ridge. I found some super cool stuff... but again, walked out empty handed. {I'm starting to think that "empty handed shopping" is Tom's favorite kind of shopping.} Then, we hit up Sam's Club. Fantastic time to go shopping. We didn't have to dodge 1,000 people! It was busy but not slammed like it usually is! They have this really neat 3 in 1 dish. {Sorry about not having a pic or link... Sam's doesn't sell it online. I wish I had taken a pic with my phone!} Anyway, It's a Cake Plate (with lid), or a veggie and dip platter, or a salad bowl. Still a little out of our price range, but AWESOME! We did pick up potty paper, string cheese, and some buffalo chicken.

We headed home to watch the Razorback/Alabama game. The first half of the game was REALLY good. Good as in, the Hogs scored a TD in the first 45 seconds of the game. The second half of the game was still good, but 'Bama won in the end... and by "end" I mean the last 6 or 7 minutes of the game! Darn it!! Well, once we hit about 10 minutes left in the game. Tom and I headed to dinner, because we knew people would be on the edge of their seats, and we'd have time to get to Chili's and possibly catch the last couple minutes of the game. And we did! Just like at Sam's, we hit Chili's at the PERFECT time! I got my Crispy Chicken Crispers, and Tom got his Buffalo Ranch Burger. yummy!

After dinner, we came back to the house, and started watching Killers, which we got from Netflix, but the disc messed up about half an hour in. So, we notified Netflix that the disc was bad, and put on Mythbusters! We've been watching Mythbusters for about 2 hours now! Yay!

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all! When we went to Michaels, we got a 40% off coupon! The only thing is, it's only good until next Saturday. Since we'll be doing the baby shower next Saturday, we're going to hit Michael's up again tomorrow! I'll be getting a new set of cookie cutters! Woot! I'm thinking about making some cookies tomorrow! Cookies... yummy! I can't wait!

Anyway, it's 11:30 now. I'm almost ready for bed!

I'll talk to you folks later!

<3 Jess

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