Look what I got on ebay!!

I got the Harry Potter cake pan AND the Super man cake pan for... guess how much?


Get out of freakin' town, right? lol!

I'm so excited! I'm thinking about making the HP cake for when the new movie comes out! I'm looking for a decently healthy recipe that I can smother with not at all healthy icing! haha!! It's all a balancing act, right?

Anyway, I'm also planning some cakes... I have 7 birthdays in January and February... i should probably start figuring out what I want to do, huh?

I know for Nikki's I'm doing a Jumbo Cupcake.

Only, Nik's is going to have a pink bottom, and white icing on the top with pink, white and light purple sprinkles... super easy, yeah?

That leaves, Cathy, Dad, Kandi, My mom, Kandi's mom, and Kayla...

Jeez... lol.

<3 Jess

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  1. Hi from NFF! Wow, you got a great deal! But how do you get the cake from sticking to all of the contours in the pans?