craaaaaaaaaaazzy week...

wow... between last week to this week, it's been CRAZY.

Last week, I was chewing on some gum (which I had done every day all day for months...) and CRUNCH!!!! I popped out a filling. Son of a fricken BEAN! It hurt! Well, THEN, I thought it had come out of the top of my left side my mouth. So I started babying that side of my mouth, but I was starving, so I decided to take a bite of granola bar with the right side of my mouth... guess what? I was wrong... the filling came out of a tooth on the bottom LEFT side of my mouth... you know, the side of my mouth that I had just crunched with granola...

again... SON OF A FRICKEN BEAN!!! Pain... Holy bananas! So then, after digging that crap out with a toothpick, I finished my day.

Now, for those who have been wondering where I've been, I've been working on Fall Nationals for ATA International Headquarters. Our guys didn't leave for Fall Nationals until today (Tuesday), so i had to haul butt last week and yesterday to finish everything, once I had all the pieces, which of course come in at the last minute. Anyway, because I had Fall Nationals to finish, I made an appointment for today. So that I waiting almost a solid week between losing the filling and getting it filled. Yeah... NOT a lot of fun. But, I made it!

Ok, here's the other thing, I haven't been to the dentist in WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer than I would like to admit. Not because I am gross or anything... It's more of a "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of theory. I brush and floss. AND (in a very "Thank you very much" kind of tone) I was told that considering it had been so long since I had been to the dentist, my teeth were in GREAT condition. No cavities, a couple of "worrisome" spots, but nothing that a little extra brushing and flossing won't be able to take care of.

Yay me!

Now, I also asked my boss (Mr. Jacobs) if I could have the day off after my appointment, so that I could relax after doing all of the stuff for Fall Nationals. He said yes. So I went in this morning and worked my butt off, and headed out for my appointment at 11. I got out of my appointment around 1:30, ran through Mcdonalds, and then headed home to wait out the numbness before I tried to eat... my biggest fear is that i'll bite the side of my tongue off... because if you can't feel it, you can't tell if you're about to bite all the way through your tongue. lol

Ehh, ok so that's been what I've been dealing with...

Tomorrow, it's back to work as usual. Darn... well, the fun thing is, our bosses will be gone... and you know the saying "When the cat's away", right? Well, I do tend to relax a bit when the big wigs are out, but I do not PLAY. I still get my stuff done, it's just less stressful. Usually. If everyone will pull their weight, I'd be very surprised. Just because the bosses are gone, does not mean that our customers are gone. We still have a job to do... I know this, I remember this... I just really hope every one will get their stuff done!

lol! I'm off to relax a bit.

<3 Jessica

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