Uh oh... too much caffeine?

"I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control
Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'"

Yes, I've had three cups of coffee, a 20 oz bottle of Barq's Rootbeer, pizza, and jalapeno poppers...

I think I'm buzzed...

Ok, so the lyrics are from Grease - but it's honestly how I feel when I get into a project. What?? Another project?? Shouldn't I be sick of projects by now... HEEEEEEEEEEEEECK NO! Cuz that's how I roll - yo!

Anyway, so Project #1: My bestie and her hubby are working on getting her two oldest adopted by hubby. Then, the name change - and of course, we don't need a reason for a good ole fashioned get-together, but it'll be partay time! So I'm working on cake ideas for the adoption party. There is not a whole lot of ideas out there on the web, because normally an adoption is a quiet spiritual time for a family. But that's not the Branscum Way! mwhahaha! They love to party! So, I'm coming up with cake ideas, and party decor ideas. Should be fun. We don't have a date set - probably sometime in the spring. I'll know more later.

{Side note!! Tom's playing a game on the xbox called "Naughty Bear" and they just announced in the game that there are "flesh eating Zombie Bears"! And I just watching him defeat one by using his lazer beam eyes! Mwhahaha!! Oh my gosh that's hilarious!! Sorry! Had to jump in there for that!}

Project #2: One of my best friends from high school, Ashley, has a birthday in May - and I'm working on ideas for her cake... oh my goodness it'll be awesome!! Definitely Harry Potter inspired... gunna be awesome!!

{PS. I know, another interruption?? the newest Harry Potter movie comes out next month. I refuse to go on opening night, but maybe that first weekend? Anyone wanna come with?? Should be lots of fun!!}

Project #3: Birthday cake for a girl at work. Normally, we are off for her birthday, but we are going to surprise her with a bday cake... I'm thinking a simple cake with a design on top. The cool thing is, I'll be doing it all by scratch... no pan to help! EEEEK!! Should turn out cute though!

Project #4: Harry Potter cake for the new movie! Yes, I know i broke in earlier with the new movie coming in.. but that's how my brain is working today... haha! oh well. But, yeah, I got an HP cake pan off of ebay for super cheap, I'm planning on making that for the day the movie comes out... or as close as possible to that day.

Project #5: Christmas cake for our family Christmas at my parents' house. Gunna use my jumbo cupcake pan, and decorate it like a christmas tree. Neat, yeah?

Ok. So those are my baking projects - not to mention getting/keeping the house clean, decorating for Halloween, and getting ready for Christmas! I dunno... gunna be busy! But should be lots of fun! Oh! And I spent yesterday evening tweaking the announcements for my besties' sister in law's baby when he comes! They are ready to stuff with info, a pic, and ship to her for addressing and mailing! Whoohoo!

Anyways, I'm out y'all! Gotta get ready for the Nickelback concert tonight!

See ya!

<3 Jess

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