What. A. Long. Weekend.

I am soooo not ready for Monday.

I have had a looooong weekend!

Here's the fast run through:

Friday night, after getting off of work, Tom and I loaded up the car, picked up Nikki from her gramma's house, then grabbed some Sonic and headed to Conway. When we got to Kandi's mom's house we ran to Wal-Mart to grab some supplies. Came back to the house, and started making chocolate birds nests. Kandi melted chocolate, Kay and Nik crunched up shredded wheat, and i started making cupcakes.

I wound up making 3 dozen cupcakes. After the chocolate was melted, we mixed it with the shredded wheat and the girls started shaping small handfuls into bird nests. Then, Kandi used peanut butter to adhere blue peanut m&ms inside the nests. Super cute! We finished up and the adults crawled into bed around 3 in the morning.

Saturday, we woke up at 7 a.m. We did breakfast, then headed out to the Dollar Tree for some last minute supplies. Went back to Kandi's for a bit, then off to Toad Suck Park to start setting up. It took us about an hour and a half to get everything decorated and set up. At about 12:30, guests started showing up and the party started!

Prizes for the games

Cake and Cupcakes (Cake was made by Jamie's friend, Brian)

Kandi and Kayla

Tom and Jamie opening presents

Jamie opening gifts

After the shower, we cleaned up, then headed back to Kandi's house to unload vehicles and get ready for Jason's very first baseball game. Then, we headed up to the ball field. Joey is the assistant coach for Jason's team. It's called Buddy League, a teaching league, to teach the boys (and girls on some teams) the rules of baseball. They use a pitching machine, and umpires are so great. For example, one of the boys on Jason's team, the catcher, got hit a couple of times in the arm with the ball, and he toughed it out for the first hit, but the second one hit in the same spot towards the end of the game, and he wound up sitting out the last inning of the game. After the game was over, the ump came over and gave the little boy the "game ball". How cute is that?! Anyway, here are a few pics:

Jason's practice swing

Jason was so excited about his game!

Swing for the fence Jason!

First time up, Jason got a good hit and wound up on first base.

Jason plays 3rd base, he's pretty good while he pays attention!

After Jason's game, Tom and I headed home. We stopped at Whole Hog Cafe for dinner. Then came home and started baking TJ's cake. While the first layer was baking, I made the vanilla (Peach colored) icing. Then, Tom pointed out that I didn't save out some of the white icing for the eyes, and some more white to tint pink for the tongue. So, I went ahead and made the chocolate icing, pulled out the first layer. Then, Tom and I went to wal-mart so that we could pick up a tube of white decorator icing. This was at like 10:30. I was sooo tired!

After we got back from Wal-Mart, we baked up the second layer of cake. Then, we set everything to cool over night and went to bed. I woke up this morning at 8, showered, and set to work. When I practiced before, I clocked myself at 2 hours to ice the entire cake. This time, it took me closer to 3 hours. I think it was because I was so tired. I finished icing and boxing the cake at around 11:30 - party was supposed to start at noon. I was going to be late. oh well. At least the cake looked good, right? Well, turned out, they changed the party time to 12:30 and they just didn't tell me... lol! nice, right?

Here are pics from TJ's party:

The party table - All done in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

TJ opening gifts

You got a helmet TJ? What for??

Oh! That's why you needed a helmet!! You got your first bike!!

TJ and his cake! (He was so excited!)

So, after TJ's party, I wanted to come home and clean house... but I just have NO energy! So I got on the computer and started uploading photos. Then, for dinner, Tom and I tried a new restaraunt. it's called Grampa's - it's not too far from the house, and it has really good food, and fantastic prices!

Then, we came back to the house and started watching Dogma! We love this movie!

As soon as it's over, we're putting laundry into the dryer and then crawling into bed... early? Heck yeah!! I'm tired! So I'm getting off the computer now.

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<3 Jessica

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