Eggs, Lillies, and Bunnies

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Holiday! Tom and I went to my parents' house and had a great Easter lunch. We also got to hang out with everyone. It was nice.

I mentioned an Easter Surprise for Nana and Cathy? Well here are the pictures!
Each flower was made from one of the kids' hands. The smallest were TJ's - those were really hard to work with because of them being so tiny!! Nikki's worked ok, it was harder to get her fingers to curl down. Brett's worked out GREAT because his hands are so wide!

We made two sets, one for Nana (my mom), and one for Cathy (the kids' mom). It was a lot of fun, but took forever!! Definitely a good crafting idea!!

And here's the Easter funny... I mean, Bunny... hehe!!

Check out my ArkieScrapper site throughout the week! I'm going to be doing Easter pages of the kids at their Egg hunts!!

<3 you all!!

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