Our Extra Weekend Day

Today, Tom and I were both off from work.

It's been a lot of fun. We stayed up WAY later than normal on Thursday night, and we kicked the kitties out of our bedroom so that we could enjoy sleeping late (They have a tendency to walk all over us, nuzzle us, paw at us, and be down right annoying). Anyway, so it was great. We only slept about an hour later than we normally do haha! When you have a rhythm, it's kind of hard to break.

Anyway, so we got up this morning, and came in to play on our computers - yes, we are HUGE nerds. I'm sorry, it's who we are. Then, we started the demo on our back porch:

Here is Tom, removing some of the screws.

Here is the porch... without the porch.

Oh, yeah, had to strike a pose with my hammer... yes it says "Jessica".

Here is the torn down porch and the pile of porch haha.

Then, this afternoon we set our lovely Pile O' Porch ablaze. I'll have pics of that later. I can't get them to up load right now, weird...

Anyway, now it's bed time!!

<3 Jess

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