Toad Suck Daze Washout and too much sleep!!

So, this weekend, Tom and I went to Conway. Well, we had not visited our "other mom" in a long time. So we went to her house first on Saturday. That was a lot of fun, we were able to catch up a lot. We also gave mom a "pre-used" camera. it was the camera I have used for the past like 5 years. It took graduation photos, wedding pictures, photos our house when we bought it. It was actually a lot harder to give up than I thought it would be. But Tom bought me m insanely nice Nikon D60 and the older camera (which is a Nikon CoolPix - one of the first ones) wasn't getting used like I knew it could be. This way, while Mom is in California in June, she can take pictures of back home to bring to Kandi and the rest of the family.

Well, it rained ALL day saturday, and my dumb butt was in shorts... Bit I figured, even if it WAS raining it was supposed to be like 75 degrees. Perfect shorts weather... yeah... not so much... If I was outside, I was wet and cold from the rain, if I was inside, I was damp and cold from people running the a/c. Oh well. Because of the rain, Conway City Council decided that it wasn't safe for kids and families to be outside at Toad Suck Daze. So it was cancelled. Completely. For the ENTIRE DAY!! Which really sucked, because that was what we were going to be doing for the day! oh well! So we hung out at mom's, then went to Kandi's, then went running around Conway shopping. Then, went back to Chik-Filet for lunch... now you have to understand... to me, everything at Chik-Filet tastes like chicken livers... but, we each got a Grilled Chicken salad and they were really good! Then, we headed to Tom's mom's house to drop off a late birthday gift. We had put together a little basket of things she'll need for her yard sale: tags, stickers, and a cash box! We also made a coupon good for one free weekend of our help (for the yard sale). We didn't stick around long. She had a lot of people over, and I just wanted to get out of my wet clothes. Well, rather than doing THAT we wound up back at Kandi and Joey's. Kandi decided she wanted to go skating. So off we went. Kandi's youngest asked me if I would help her skate and so I said sure, well Joey wound up helping her:
Joey said he can't skate, so he doesn't. haha!

Well, then I talked Tom into skating... which was SUPER cute!! I upgraded my skates to roller blades, but the blades at the skate rink weren't great so I only got a couple of laps in before my ankles were killing me. Here is a pic of me and Tom skating. Doesn't he look really sneaky? After skating we went back to Mom's house, and Kandi and Joey had invited us to dinner, so he grilled brautwersts that were KILLER!! They were fantastic! Then, Bubba (kandi's middle brother) brought out this toy, it's Guitar Hero!! But you clip it onto your belt, and it plays the song as you strum the guitar pick! It was totally cute!!(quick note about the pic above: The shorts I'm wearing, I haven't worn in TWO YEARS because I couldn't fit in them... look how slim my legs look??? I love the results of our diet, even if I don't like the diet itself!!)
After that, Tom and I went back to Kandi and Joey's and decided to watch a movie, then we headed home.

We got to bed around 1:30 in the morning... we didn't wake up until about 1:15 in the afternoon!! haha! It was hilarious! I cannot believe I wasted an entire morning like that... Oh well.

We went to Sam's Club, then to my parent's house, and then i played some Harry Potter on the XBox. Now I'm letting Tom play his Prince of Persia game, then we're heading to bed....

I might get some scrapping done now!! Who knows!!

<3 Jessica

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