And so it begins...

Today, marked the unofficial beginning to World Championships 2009 for the American Taekwondo Association! Technically, classes and seminars don't start until tomorrow, but we've already had a few instructors come through. Mr. Peirre Aucamp, from South Africa, and his students, also from South Africa, came through today. They are really neat people, plus, they have really nice accents! I think it's cool that he tries so hard to get his students to be able to come to the US for Worlds. It's neat.

Anyway, so I spoke with another of my instructors today who want to come by and say "hi." Mr. Jade Hockman - from Columbia, MO. I can't wait to meet him, he's probably one of my favorites. Doesn't hurt that the girls in my department say he's "hot". haha! He'll be one I'd like to get my photo with so I can post it here in my blog, and on facebook. I have two event links for Worlds on my facebook, which is cool. There are a lot of people on there that I need to add as friends.

Today was kind of rough. Poor Marissa, she's been so stressed, and we were working on our score sheets, and it just wasn't going as smoothly as it could have. I think we got it in the end though! Yay Marissa!

Other than that, it was a good evening. I made mini cheeseburgers for dinner, then we went for an hour and 17 minute walk around Shannon Hills. It was muggy, and we sweated a lot... which is good! The hills don't seem quite so hard anymore, here soon, we may have to start jogging! EEK!! PS. 60 pounds down, 40 more by Thanksgiving and I'll look HAWT for my Christmas pics!

Oh! Also, tonight, Robert and Monica stopped by, they had to pick up Tom's Euphonium (looks like a baby tuba) for an audition for an assistant band director's position at a high school close by! I hope he gets it! They are talking about coming over here in the next week or two, to spend time and hang out.

Alrighty, I think I heard the dryer buzz, saying that my bed sheets are dry!

Love you all! I'm out!

<3 Jess

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