Reader, be warned...

I'm sorry, this may upset some people. but I have to get it out. You don't like it, don't read it.

I don't want to be around anyone's teeny weeny, new born children. I'm sorry. I don't. By this time, had all things gone well, I should have a 7 month old. and I don't. I understand, God works in mysterious ways, but it sucks.

So please don't HATE me for not going to the family reunion/bar b q. I don't want to be around something that is going to upset me. Why put myself in that position?

I have enough problems on my plate, enough worries, enough sadness, without adding more.

I'm sick of feeling pressured into going. This year, hasn't been QUITE so bad, because they chose the weekend of my birthday to put the reunion on, and I, thank God, already have plans to spend it hidden in the woods with my husband. But seriously, two miscarriages does NOT make me want to hold your new born infant.

Over a year after the two miscarriages, it still freakin' hurts. so just drop it.

Thank you.

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