Best. Day. Ever.

#1. Didn't have to be in the office until 1:45 p.m.
#2. Got to meet some wicked awesome people ALL DAY LONG!
#3. Got HELLA compliments from school owners, and random taekwondo students.

#4. Saw my bestie (downside: it was at the Arkansas Children's Hospital, where her daughter had just had her tonsils and adenoids removed.)
#5. Had a great dinner with Tom.
#6. Had a FANTASTIC walk, a great pace, it was killer!
#7. Checking my facebook/blog has been really rewarding
#8. Listening to Tom sing along with songs on his computer.

Thank you Dear God, for the day you've given me, the friends you've put in my life, and the opportunities I've been able to take part in.

Mk. Now that THAT'S over with! LOL! Testing at World Championships was freakin' AWESOME!

I got to dress SUPER cute:

I got to watch Master Dendy do his board breaks, I got to watch sparring from 1st Degree Black Belts all the way up to 6th and 7th Degree Black Belts. I got to take part in what is DEFINITELY the best Worlds, EVER.

{This is from the tester's meeting right before the Testing/Midterming began. There were over 300 people there doing testing and midterming. It was a GREAT turn out!}

I got to meet Chief Master Ozuna - who is really nice, even though some of his paper work was messed up - Not my fault though! I know that for a fact, I double and triple checked... Anyway, it's fixed. He'll get his corrected paperwork tomorrow morning. I've got at LEAST two school owners coming to visit me tomorrow!

It's been a good day, tator... It's 10:30 p.m. and I'm BEAT!

Love y'all!
{Currently listening to Tom sing Thin Lizzy "The Boys are Back in Town" sung by my main squeeze... he's so hot}

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