Almost a month away... Sorry!

Ok, so the past month has been crazy... here are the, umm... HIGHLIGHTS... haha

* Still working on World Championships for the American Taekwondo Association. It all comes to an end on Sunday, June 27, 2009, THANK GOD! Then I'll actually get some days off.

* Been reading the Harry Potter series again, in preparation for the next movie coming out in July. I'm on book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've been reading for two weeks haha... Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite.

* A couple weeks ago, we went to Sears and took family photos. They turned out great. If you want to see them, go to: www.facebook.com/jessica.hinz, and click on my photos. They are GREAT!!!

* Tom left for 5 days starting on June 15th. He went to help our friends move from Blytheville, AR to Jacksonville, AR. He was wiped by the time he got home Friday night.

*While Tom was away, I cleaned the entire house. (with the slight exception of my craft room... I just didn't get to it, and it wasn't high on the priority list.)

*Again, while Tom was away, I didn't get on the computer much. Cleaning took up most of my time, also I moped around the house a lot, since I was alone.

* We've been making lots of plans for the rest of the summer, since I haven't been able to take off ANY time since March:
1. Going camping
2. Going to see Harry Potter
3. Going camping again... (maybe?)
4. Climbing Pinnacle Mtn. (Should be an adventure)
5. Getting back on our diet (starting Monday)
6. Going camping again... (maybe?)


Oh, I got to feel SUPER geeky today! I got to install a new hard drive into my desktop computer. I was very surprised at how easy it was!! I did have my sexy IT guy help me with it. hehe! He watched over me while I did the work. Too bad the harddrive was corrupt or something. It wouldn't work and wouldn't let me format it. Bummer! Oh well, I was able to take out the slave drive without real supervision.
After working on the computer, Tom and I played in the office on our computers. Which is a big deal, since we've basically used this room as STORAGE for the past 6 months... we haven't been able to get in here and use it. (Part of my super cleaning I did this week.) Tom seems really happy with it. His laptop doesn't work really well, so to have a computer that actually works, he's pleased.
Around noon, we headed out to Downtown Little Rock, and hit up the Whole Hog Cafe (we have seriously broken our diet this weekend...) we got pulled pork stuffed baked potatoes and a brownie!! yummy!! Too bad I ate WAY WAY WAY too much... oh well..
After lunch, Tom and I came home and took abt an hour and a half nap... well, part of it was nap... haha!
Anyway, after the nap, we went to my parents house and swam for a couple of hours in their pool with my neice and nephews, sis, bro-in-law, and one of my sister's friend's kids. We did dinner with them. Then headed home.
I've been playing on facebook a lot... stupid Farm Town application... what the heck? Oh well, it's cute, and something that Tom and I can do together.

I'm so glad he's home!!

I'm off to go back to facebook, then to bed... I'm tired!

<3 Jess

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