My birthday... a definite MUST READ

So today, July 10, 2009 is my 26th birthday.

This is what was in my email box at midnight last night:

"Dear Mrs. Hinz

As a member of Hinzcorp, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your 26th birthday. And what would be more rewarding than a token of gratitude offered by Hinzcorp? Why, your very own birthday present, that's what!

So here is what we are going to do: hidden somewhere in your house is a present just for you. To help lead you to it, we are going to send you various hints via email to lead you to it. You will have exactly 5 days to claim your reward, or else it will be forfeited. Just kidding.

Since today is the 10th, that gives you until the 15th to figure out where your special something is stashed inside your luxurious home. If you cannot find your gift within the allotted time period, it will be removed from its hiding place and given to you with much chiding.

Here is your first hint:
It is located in a corner.

Finally, guessing your present does not mean that you get a free pass to its location early. You must FIND it!!!

Thank you for your loving support of Hinzcorp, and we look forward to hearing of your success.

H. Thomas Hinz
Co-CEO Hinzcorp"

I absolutely love my husband. He is AWESOME!!!

<3 Jessica

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