Change of Plans Weekend

So, Hubby and I had a pretty good weekend, other than the allergies getting to us.

Friday, my boss let us go like 30 minutes early - which is cool... Tom and I made dinner then, we headed off to Mom and dad's house to work on Dad's computer. Somehow it's been deciding which websites it wants to go to and which ones it doesn't.

Anyway, Saturday, Tom and I went to his mom's house to hang out with her. First time we've been able to really catch up with her in like a month. Anyway, so then we went to lunch with her and had El Aculpulco - which is one of our FAVORITE restaurants. Had a good time just talking and catching up. Tom's mom also picked us up some gifts on her last trip to an SCA event. She got me a really cute pair of maroon and gold striped socks. Gryffindor colors!! Tom got a really nice hand made coffee cup.

We were supposed to go to Kandi and Joey's but they were doing dinner at some friends' house, and I didn't want to interrupt them. So Tom and I went to subway, and grabbed a couple salads, then we headed home. We spent the evening watching Mythbusters, Tom playing a game on his computer and me doing scrapbook pages.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to lunch with Ashley - but we didn't want her do drive all the way to Benton, just to do lunch with us, so we decided to do it another week. Well, Tom and I went ahead and went to Mazzios... our favorite sunday lunch spot. Then, we came home and started on the lawn.

We're getting ready for spring planting. We trimmed our crepe mertle, and our whysteria vine (sp??). We're planning on planting bushes in two places on the front of the house. We're also talking about putting in an irrigation hose in under the front flower bed to liven up our "monkey grass" that is dieing. THEN, after we plant the bushes, I'm wanting to put daffodils in a line in front of the bushes (or tulips?). and then in the front corner of our flower bed, we have at least three sets of roses growing.

So we mowed the front yard, Tom used the weed-eater to edge, and then we decided that the pollen was too much for us. So we gave up on the yard. We came in and I took a 3 hour nap. haha. Then, worked on more scrapbook pages. If you want to see them, check out my ArkieScrapper page.

This week is going to be great, Tom and I are both off on Friday. We are talking about doing something fun on Friday - but we aren't sure what exactly. Tom is really feeling like poo here lately. So hopefully he'll feel better!!

Ok, I'll quit yacking! No pictures on this blog! Maybe next time?

<3 Jess

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