Great weekend!!

Friday night, after Tom and I had dinner, we went to my parents' house to hang out with them and my sister and her family. We had a lot of fun. My nephew TJ has another ear infection. He's supposed to go to the doctor on Monday to have tubes put in. Which is great, because then maybe he won't get any more ear infections. Nikki had her nose stuck in the computer the whole time. and Brett just kind of kicked back and watched TV. It was fun.

After we got back from my parents' house, Tom put on MythBusters, and I totally crashed on the couch. It was great.

Sometime during the night, Tom woke me up and we went to bed. I don't remember much about that.

Saturday morning, we got up. Tom fixed the power steering on my car! yay!! It was a dirty job, but he did it quite quickly. I was really amazed. He had to jack the car up. That was kind of cool. I got to help by basically holding up the engine block with a breaker bar... yeah I am not sure what EITHER of those things are, but I did it!

Tom was a little angry at my car.

The stuff he was trying to get to were REALLY far down in there!!

I think he wanted me to quit taking pictures while he was so frustrated!!

Then, we went to Sam's, picked up some groceries. Came home, cleaned up a little bit... and sat down. We loafed for most of the day on Saturday. It was great!! We watched some more MythBusters, and then it was off to bed! (another early night! Yay!!)

Today (Sunday), we got up kind of early - well it felt like it was early because of the whole Daylight Savings Time ending - or beginning?? i dunno. Well, so I got up took my shower, then Tom got up took his shower, and we started "Corpse Bride" which neither of us has seen. Then, I had to get up to work on my hair - All I did was straighten it and throw it into a pony tail... seems almost like a waste of time!! Oh well!
Then, we met Ashley at Mazzio's in Benton for lunch, then headed to Mills Park for a photo shoot. I liked a lot of the pictures, she didn't. She is really self-conscious about her weight - I am too, so I know how she feels, but I LOVED a couple of the pics!! I even snagged a couple of cut ones of Tom!

We came back to the house to load them up on my computer, and we started to play the Wii! It was great!! I even got a pic of all three of us! it's cute!!

Now, we're about to start the movie back up, so we can finish it! yay!!

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