Fun times ahead!

So, it's been a crazy F-ed up week.

I'm so ready for the weekend...

Let's start with tonight... I got home, and was going to start dinner - I was going to make fajitas and cheese dip - well, come to find out; we never took out the fajita meat... For that matter, we didn't have ANYTHING thawed for dinner. So, Tom decided we would just go out to eat. We debated where to go all the way from the house until we got to Bryant. Then, we decided on Casa Mexicana. Yummy! And what did we have? Fajitas and Cheese dip! Well, I had a fajita taco salad - without the shell. And Tom had the ground beef taco salad without the shell... Tonight was the first time I'd ever eaten cheese dip with a spoon! haha! It was fantastic!!
Then, we came home, cleaned for a little bit, worked on some laundry, watched CSI and are now watching SeaQuest. We still have a couple more loads of laundry to fold and put away.

Tomorrow is Friday! Fridays are cool, because I get to wear jeans to work! Yay! And, the jeans that I have are a size smaller than what I have been wearing. Really excited! I had to pin up the legs though... I'm just too short for my width haha!
Anyway, We're also trying to get out a little early tomorrow. We are not supposed to be getting any more overtime, but I just can't get away from it. I really can't stand to take an hour lunch. It's just too long. Tomorrow night, we're having Tilapia fillets and veggies. yay!
I'm Catholic, so on Fridays during Lent (the 40 days and nights that start the day after Mardi Gras) we're not supposed to eat meat. This is in remembrance of the 40 days and nights that Jesus fasted in the desert.

Saturday, we are going to work on replacing my power steering belt in my little dodge neon. It's been a crazy week trying to drive with the power steering out. It's turned my little car into a freakin' bus! We also have to go to Sam's to pick up some groceries. I have really gotten to enjoy going to Sam's. They have a good selection for most things. You just have to remember what you will and what you won't eat in a certain amount of time. Tom and I can't buy a lot of fresh produce at a good enough price, because it's just the two of us. But, we buy our meats, string cheeses, toilet paper, paper towels, conditioner, and Atkins shakes there.
Then, We're going to have Ashley come over and we're going to play some Wii!! I also need to take some new pictures of Ashley with my kick ass camera! I can't wait!! Its photo shoot time!!

Sunday, I am going to try and steal Brett - my oldest nephew - to see if I can photograph him. He's not big on having his photos taken, but he really liked the fact that I took a picture of him in mid jump side kick. So, I want to try and get some good shots of him, so that he likes having his photos taken. But all in all, trying to have a lazy day.

What are you guys up to?

Tom helped me with my piggie tails!! Do you like?

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