Our weekend

Ok, first off, I am trying to add photos and they are just NOT going... GRRR!! Technology frustrates me at times...


So our weekend was pretty kick ass.

Friday night we went to my parents' house. I was able to work on a project that I have been working on for two months with my dad. Anyway, so we made some progress on that. Then, TJ said "Sau-Sau"!! (that's what my sister's kids call me). Well, he said "Ta-Ta!" That was FANTASTIC!!! He's so damn cute!!

Saturday, we had to rescue my dad. He wound up two hours away with a stomach bug. Mom, Tom and I met up with dad about 25 minutes outside of Conway. Tom and I went to Kandi's house, and took some pics of the kids, hung out with Kandi's, had dinner. Then, we dropped dad's truck off and we went to the store and picked dad and mom up some chicken soup from the store. Then we came home, and hung out.

Sunday, we went to lunch, then we went whopping. I was able to pick up a new pair of jeans... a size smaller than what I have been wearing! YAY!!! They are a little snug right now, but if I give it a couple of weeks, it'll be fine.

Anyway, I'm going to try and post some of the pics I tried to do earlier...
Yeah, ok, no never mind...

not gunna go...

Will do it tomorrow night!!

Love you all!!


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