Grill Out with Tom and Jessica!!

Holy cow, we just had a really fun, really exhausting day!! Let's start with earlier this week...

Monday, we had a bit of drama at work. That all got worked out and things are finally back to normal. My boss was out Monday and Tuesday, then my direct supervisor was out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our numbers at work were fantastic all week. So as a little reward, we all treated ourselves to leaving 15 minutes early. We even had a chance to do some of our filing! It was great!

Oh! Thursday, March 19, 2009 was my and Tom's 4 year wedding anniversary. The longest relationship I had before Tom and I started dating was only 2 months. On April 6th of this year, we will have been together for 7 years. It's crazy. I love Ashley and Kandi and Monica and they are my best friends, but Tom, man, he's my soul mate. I truly believe that.

Anyway, so that was this week...

Friday night, Kandi and Joey and their three kids came into town. Kandi and I took all three kids to my sister's house, and we were able to leave ALL THREE KIDS there! It was fantastic! So Kandi and I headed back to my house, where the boys had already busted out the Xbox - well, we had them turn on the Wii instead. We did two games of bowling on the Wii (we didn't do too bad!!). Then, we decided we wanted to go to Sonic - well, we got to THREE Sonics and they were all closed... come to find out, Sonic closes at midnight... it was like 12:30. So we wound up at the nasty Waffle House in Bryant at 1:30 in the morning haha! Then, we came back to the house, and the boys started playing Boom Blox - and Kandi and I crashed on my couches. Tom woke me up to take me to bed... I never looked at the clock. I found out later, it was about 4:30 when the boys decided to crash. haha!!

Me, Joey, and Kandi

Joey, Me, Kandi, and Tom (with our Wii remotes!)

Saturday, we all got up, and I started coffee and dishes. Then, we started on cheese dip and cutting up veggies for hamburgers. Lunch was at 1:00. So Tom started the grill at 12:30, so he'd be able to just throw everything on the grill and get to cooking as soon as everyone got there.
(Everyone being: Mom, Dad, Cathy, Tim, Brett, Nikki, TJ, Kayla, Maddy, Jason - and of course, Me, Kandi, Tom, and Joey.)

From left, going around the circle: My brother in law-Tim, My sister-Cathy, My mom (holding TJ), My dad, Jason, Joey, Kandi, Kayla, Maddy, Brett, and Nikki-laying on the floor.

Anyway, so everyone got here, Tom got to grilling... it was GREAT! We had a LOT of fun. We did Hamburgers, Hot dogs with cheese and bacon, polish sausages, and bratwursts... it was HEAVEN. Well, Tom did the hot dogs first, so that we could get the kids situated with food, then the adults made their food.

Well, After the first round of hamburgers, and all of the dogs and sausages were cooked. Tom started a second batch of hamburgers. I was worried, because I hadn't seen him eat anything... So I told him to eat. That the hamburgers could sit for a few minutes... Well, we kind of lost track of time, and wound up with Charcoal bricks.

After we ate, Kandi and Joey had to head home, so it was just me, Tom, my sister, her husband and three kids, and my mom and dad. We played Boom Blox on the Wii, and played Mario Kart. We had a lot of fun!

Left to right: My mom (hiding from the flash), Tom, Cathy, Tim, TJ, and Brett (standing up)

Me and TJ, playing with my Pilate's ball. He giggled his BUTT off on this thing! It was hilarious. What you can't see is, his feet are not on the ground, he is laying on his stomach-on the ball!

Well, after about 2 hours of video games my parents headed home. Then, another half hour after that Cathy and Tim left to do their grocery shopping.

Tom has now turned the Xbox back on, and is playing Peggle... SERIOUSLY addictive - do not download if you have children - they will starve due to your lack of attention while you get sucked into this game. It has the same feel as Zuma, with more of a Plinko-esque agenda.

Anyway, so now we're just trying to relax, we're planning on going to Sam's Club tomorrow and I've got to print out a couple photos for Kandi. Hopefully we will go to Conway next weekend. We need to get together with Tom's mother, we haven't seen her in over a month - not that we feel we have to see her EVERY WEEK. but we do like to keep in touch and check in with her.

Oh! And, last night (Friday) I got a call from Monica! They put their house up on the market two weeks ago, and it has already been shown THREE times, PLUS, their real estate lady has a whole list of people who want to be shown the house. It's great! Monica has two applications in at Bryant High School, one in Sheridan school district, and is working on one for the Lonoke school district. Robert (her husband, and Tom's big brother in their fraternity) has an application in at Benton Middle School as a music teacher. They are going to be moving from Blytheville (FAR northeastern Arkansas) back to central Arkansas this summer. We're super excited!! Keep your fingers crossed for them that they find jobs soon, their home sells quickly, and they find a great place in Central Arkansas that they love!!

Time to put some photos in here from today, and then, I'm off to check out all my websites that I've neglected for the past couple days.

Love you all!!

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