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Ok, so I found this awesome add on to my internet browser (I use Mozilla Firefox), and it's called Stumble Upon! It's great, basically if you like a site, you click on the stumble upon button (like I've added to our blog) and then it's added to a list - I think you might have to add tags? I am not sure.

Anyway, so I've found some great craft sites, some WEIRD of the wall sites, and some fantastic photography sites. It's been a really cool experience this past week. (PS. Stumble Upon is where I found the Velociraptor information haha!!)

This past week just FLEW by, I'm glad it did. Our boss, Mr. Jacobs (yes, that's what we call him - that or "Jacobs") anyway, he was in Las Vegas for the American Taekwondo Association's 2009 Spring Nationals. Hopefully, they had a good time. Anyway, so he was gone along with EVERY supervisor in the building, so of course it was a real laid back time. Well, when it's laid back, things don't get done quite as efficiently as I would like haha. so I get frustrated. Well, yeah, so it's done...

Friday was no meat day, since I'm Catholic. We had some FANTASTIC omlets last night. I'm thinking about cooking some more for breakfast. Oh they were great. Anyway, so Hubby and I just hung out, watched SeaQuest, and played on our computers. haha. We're such nerds.

Oh, I think it was Thursday?? I took some super cute pictures of some "flowers" in our yard. I really think they are weeds... haha but they turned out nice:

Let's see, oh well I said that Friday we just kind of hung out at the house. That was a lot of fun. We Geeked-Out for the night haha!
Today, Saturday, we are planning on having a "Lazy Day". Tom has his mind set on getting his 1000 gamer score for Assassin's Creed. I'm enjoying updating my harddrive, and backing up all my files (which means that I have to organize my files first - eek!) Then, I am going to *probably* work on my new scrapbook. It's really just a photo album, but I plan on doing little mini scrapbook pages through it too. I think it'll be cool. Tom bought me some new clear stamps too. They have the months, days, and dates in it. I think they are AWESOME. I also have a binder that I keep pictures of scrapbook pages that I've yanked from my scrapbooking magazines, I'm hoping to get more of those organized and "labeled". Not really labeled, but I describe what I like - or what caught my eye - about a page.
Also, I have one more "challenge" for my 2009 Scrapbook - I think it's the "Greatest Loss" page. Not really looking forward to that page - but I know it will help me grow.

Anyway. Oh Hey! I meant to let everyone know - if you ever need help with a scrapbook or project, I have lots of cool tools and I tend to be pretty creative... I'm thinking about starting on a "Labor Day" party idea - Tom and I "inherited" Labor Day after last year's Labor Day. We had a lot of fun, we grilled brats, polish sausages, and hot dogs. We also did veggies and dip and sausage balls! We played Volley Ball and horse shoes. Cathy and I took LOTS of photos. haha! I'm thinking about expanding it... inviting more people over - I love having lots of people over, its a lot of fun! When we were eating lunch, we all came in and watched one of the "kid movies". It was a lot of fun...

Anyway, oh Sunday, tomorrow, we're going Sam's Club - I really enjoy going to Sam's they have pretty decent deals... We are going to see if Dad wants to come with, since he wanted to go last weekend, but he got preoccupied by wanting to ride his motorcycle...

Hey, this upcoming week is my and Tom's 4 year anniversary!! And my kid brother's 22nd birthday - they are the same day!! March 19! We got married on his 18th birthday - we asked him first!! I promise... and we made it up to him, he got a really nice watch and our "groom's cake" was his birthday cake. I'll post pictures later...

Both cats have literally pushed my laptop off of my lap... I don't know how I get all the love when I'm wanting to do something haha! oh well... I'm also playing with my photoshop, i love it!!

I'm out!!

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