Weekend Update with Collin... wait... with me!!

Alrighty, so it's been a pretty kick ass weekend. REALLY laid back...
Friday, we just hung out and watched tv and Tom played some Assassin's Creed - neat game, nice story line... I like it. He does this wicked swan dive from the top of towers and lands in a pile of hay - gives me fricken vertigo! haha! It's neat though, he kills lots of people but gets to wear a cool costume... Wouldn't be bad a bad Halloween costume for him?? Who knows right?

Saturday, we went to conway, did lunch with Tom's mom. That was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be... She's a lot more upbeat these days... She says her new meds are kickin' in... that's good. I got to show off my camera - and I had a couple of photos printed for her of me and Tom. She doesn't have any new ones of us... But, now that he and I are losing weight we are happier taking photos... Anyway, we also got to talk about diets - we haven't told her we're doing atkins, because she blames that diet for her diabetes... We have found research that says that it CAN affect how your body processes sugar - you just can't go COLD TURKEY off of this diet... it's a process... plus, she's like we used to be - y'know not great with portion control. This diet has REALLY taught us about portion control, and being aware of what you are putting into your body...

I AM DOWN 30 POUNDS!! (35 this morning, but we don't count our "morning weights" as solid." haha! Tom is down like 25. He's looking good too.)

Ok. So also on Saturday we went to my best friend's daughter's birthday "non-party". They weren't calling it a party since she hasn't really been behaving well enough to have a party. Anyway, so they did hot dogs and cake and ice cream (Tom and I brought sugar free jello - see we plan ahead!) I got some great shots of the party:

Look familiar? Yup, that's my Nikki! Kayla and Nikki are bestfriends! Just like me and Kandi!!

Kayla got roller skates, a helmet and knee pads for her birthday! She was trying them out!
How great are the colors on this photo?! I used the "Child Portraits" function on my camera - it really brought out the vivid colors in her clothing and the helmet and also smoothed out her skin tones in the weird late afternoon lighting we had.

This is PawPaw Audie and Kandi. He's been in California for the better part of a year. He's doing much better here lately. He's lost about 120 pounds, been going to the doctor, got his pastoral lisence, and is hoping to start a Baptist Ministries church in Conway in the upcoming years.

Kayla blowing out her candles! Kandi made her cake homemade and then went and picked up some Hannah Montana stuff to go on the cake.

Nikki and Maddy. These two are so cute together. Nikki was in all purple, and Maddy was in all pink! haha!

Nikki's a little out of the shot, haha but the girls sat at their very own little table together. It was cute.
So, then on Saturday after everyone had left, Tom and I ran by Arby's Well, we stopped by there for two reason, one, my kid brother works there and we haven't seen him in about a month. And two, it was about 7 ish, and we were STARVING (hot dogs and chips are definitely NOT on the menu for Atkins. But we can have some of the stuff at Arby's.
Then, we went back to Kandi's and hung out with them. I walked Kandi through what we have to do everytime we go shopping - by checking labels and calculating carbs, that kind of thing. So then we went through her kitchen and showed her how bad some of that stuff was for us. For her (she's a toothpick!!) and her growing children, the diet would be really bad. But for us, it's working. She was really surprised to see what all she had that we couldn't eat.

I did get to have my first cookie in two months haha! It wasn't bad either.

Anyway, then we sat down and watched Tropic Thunder! That was hilarious! Definitely not appropriate for children, but HILARIOUS. Tom Cruise was great! So was Robert Downey, Jr. I hear he's doing a lot better as far as the drugs go... that's good. We had a really fun time watching the movie. Kandi, her brother and PawPaw Audie all fell asleep. ("I'm a house of cards in a hurricane..." sorry I have my music going... I love the Backstreet Boys) We had to wake Kandi up so that she could lock the door behind us. Then, we headed home.

I was up long enough to copy Nikki's 6 year pics to my computer.

I love this one with the bear, she looks so beautiful!!

I love this with the 6. She is absolutely gorgeous!!
I can't wait to get lots of props for photography. We are building a "13" for Brett's 13th birthday this summer. I can't wait!

Cathy usually takes the kids to Sears to get their photos taken. They usually do a really good job. When Tom and I get to our "100 pound" mark, I think we're going to go ther to have pics done. I can't wait... We'll be hot.

Anyway, then we crashed. We got up this morning, made lunch, went to Sam's and now we're at the house. i'm on the computer blogging, and Tom's playing Assassin's Creed. Fun fun!!

Love you all, i'm out!

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