Valentine's Schmalentine's

I say that, and it makes it sound like I didn't have a great weekend... but I did!
Well, it really started when I got my camera - since that was my Valentine's gift from Tom. Then, I was able to take some awesome pictures of the kids at Taekwondo. That was a lot of fun!

Friday, I got to show off my camera (in photos) to my co-workers. I didn't mean to come off like I was bragging, I'm just really excited about my camera!! Then, we went to my parents house to hang out with them and my sis and her family. That was a lot of fun.

PawPaw and Brett hanging out!

I got caught taking pictures.

PawPaw put TJ on the treadmill!! How cute is this face??

My sister actually took this photo of Nikki... Hopefully right before she said "Quit chewing on your hair!!!"

Dad and Tim being goofy. (This was the second time around. I had the lens cap on for the original! HAHAHA!)

Then, Tom took me to best Buy and bought me an awesome camera bag!

Saturday, Tom and I had some running around to do. Then, we went to lunch at US Pizza Co off of Lower Kavenaugh. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Then, we went to this awesome kitchen store and picked up a couple of spring form pans for when we make cheese cake! Yay!!

Then, we came home. I got my camera out and took some pics of Tom at the park here in Shannon Hills. Those turned out awesome. Here, I'll post a couple:

This was actually on our back porch - in the shade - that's why it's so dark.

When Tom climbed the ladder to the slide, I really didn't think he'd go down it. This is hilarious though!!
He just looked so cute standing here. Plus, you can see the jungle gym thing behind him.

I was practicing focusing on on object and blurring others. Doesn't this look cool with the bars blurred at the front of the pic?

My favorite picture of the whole day. He just looks so darn cute here.
He is absolutely my favorite subject for photos!!!
Then, we came back home and watched some SeaQuest, Tom played on the 360. Basically, we just hung out. I fell asleep during SeaQuest. Fun times fun times.

Today (Sunday), Tom and I got up kind of early, made breakfast, and Tom played some more 360. Then, we went and had lunch with Ashley and her brother, Clayton. That was a lot of fun!! I love going to lunch with Ashley. She's one of the few of my friends that Tom likes. Plus, she's just awesome! I'm trying to get her to let me take pics of her for my portfolio. She hasn't said yes yet, but she has really liked some of the pics I've taken!

Anyway, after lunch, Tom and I came back home, and we watched SeaQuest all day! It was just an hour or two ago that Tom wanted to play the 360 and I told him sure! When he plays his game, and I'm here on my laptop, it's quality alone time without being alone... It's a great thing he and I have. We're just really into being home bodies. I love hanging out with him. He's great!!
Well, we're about to head to bed. It's time to get ready for another week. Things happening this week:
  • Monday through Friday - hell on earth with work. We are trying to get our baskets cleared out of all work, so that we can go home early on Friday. It's so nice to get home, start dinner, and be able to have everything ready for when Tom gets home.

  • Wednesday is Wal Mart night. I'm shooting for a $50 shopping list.

  • Friday, we may wind up going to my parent's house.

  • Sometime this week we should be getting our Federal Tax Refund in our account! That would be awesome!

  • Saturday is Kandi's middle child, Kayla's, birthday party. I'm going to take pics of her kids. Before and during the party. We are going to try and get Tom's mother to go to brunch with us that morning. We haven't seen her for over a month. Not that we haven't tried. We have a life and so does she.

  • Sunday, we're going to head to Sam's Club to pick up a few items. Then, another quiet day at the house!
What are you guys up to?

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  1. Looks like you are really enjoying your camera. I hope we get our money this week too! We have so many things we need to do with it. We're in the middle of remodeling the bathroom in our bedroom, we need to pay off a couple of credit cards...UGH, and we're putting some back for Spring Break so we can go to San Antonio! So, basically it's pretty much already spent. It happens that way every year!