It's finally Friday!!

Well, almost anyway, it's Thursday at about 9 o'clock in the evening.

We've had a pretty decent week...

Monday, we came home from work, then we cooked dinner, watched some SeaQuest, then Chuck and Heroes. We were able to hang out. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, we came home, cooked dinner, watched some SeaQuest, then we made our walmart list. We have learned with a list, we spend a LOT less money. We also went through our past 5 or 6 receipts from the store, and figured out we were going to spend about $60. Which is great, less than what our normal walmart trip runs us.

Good thing for this week - We are making Cheesecake this weekend! Even on our diet, we are able to have some desserts - sugar free jello, atkins' cheesecake, and carb friendly ice cream are our current favorites!!

Anyway, after the walmart list, we put away about 5 loads of laundry while we watched the previous night's episode of House. Then, bed time.

Wednesday, we came home, cooked dinner and then headed out to walmart. It was a really good trip. We only wound up grabbing two things that weren't on our list:
1. microwavable fish (since it's Lent, and I shouldn't have meat on Fridays)
2. Asparagus - which is freakin' awesome because it is carb free - we can eat as much as we want... it's a little expensive - but TOTALLY great.

Thursday, Today has been fun, Tom cooked dinner, then we watched some SeaQuest, a little bit of Mythbusters, then we did dishes and laundry and then we came back into our living room and watched some more MythBusters.

Our weekend plans are really laid back:

Friday night, we are cooking sammon and putting it onto a salad, then we're going to my parent's house to spend time with our neice and nephews and of course my sister and brother in law. Then, Dad and I are working on a project for his company.

Saturday, we're heading back to Conway. I wasn't able to do my "All Kayla" photoshoot for her birthday last week, so we're doing that again this weekend.Also, I get to hang out with my Kandi!! They got a new apartment in Conway, it's great. I love it.

Sunday, I think we are just going to be lazy... I know I want to vaccuum the living room. Lot's of cat hair.

Other than that, just hanging out!
Here are some random photos:
(L to R) Penny and Ellie. They love sleeping in this orange chair in our front room.
(L to R) Cathy and Me. We did this at work in my cubicle... haha! This is my scary smile.

Congratulations to Andrea and Edmundo and their BEAUTIFUL baby boy Juan Sebastian!
Ok guys, I'm out!

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