Not so busy weekend ahead...

So Tom and I tend to have busy weekends...
So here's the scoop for this weekend:
Friday night ~ We're going to have a quite night at home, probably be online for part of it. We have a lot stored up on Netflix to watch. Did I mention that? We have an xbox 360 and we have the netflix instant play on it. It's great! I got to watch all three seasons of Hannah Montana - I know it sounds corny, but it's a cute show. Plus, I figured since I am the coolest person in my neice's life, if I know the inner workings of her favorite pop star, then I am even cooler! ; )
Anyway, so we've been watching SeaQuest, that's been cool. I don't remember watching the show when it originally aired. Some of the things I have on our list are:

1. Myth Busters
2. Roar: The complete Season
3. Corpse Bride
4. Analyze This
There's more, but I don't have to go into that.

Saturday ~ we're going to Conway. Lunch with Toms's mother, then heading over to Kandi's to get ready for her daughter's birthday. Plus, I'm going to take new pictures of the kids with my awesome new camera! I will probably hang out with Kandi and her family for a while.

Sunday ~ I know we're going to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries, then I might talk Tom into taking me out to the Promenade at Chenal to take photos. I love taking pictures of him. He's my favorite subject.

Anyway, so I am glad it's not a cram packed weekend. I think Tom is too.

Here are some pics I took last night:
Yes, that's MY pink Xbox controller he's using!!
Can you find the Ellie??
She LOVES being inside the hamper!!

I took this picture with my kick ass camera - check out my eyes, don't they look awesome??

Ellie, lounging on Tom's leg while we watch TV. She wasn't happy that the flash woke her up.

Penny has GOLDEN eyes..

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