Build-A-Bear and a birthday party

Okie doke. So this weekend has been veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long.
1. Friday night we went out to eat with my parents, my sister, her hubby, and their kids. Then, we went back to Mom and Dad's and finished up our taxes. Yay! Looks like we should be getting back about $1600!! (If Circuit City is still going out of business, Tom said that i might be able to get my kick ass camera that I want to get!! EEEK!!) Then, Tom and I stayed up pretty late playing the Xbox! We had a lot of fun!

2. Saturday, we went to Conway and hung out with Kandi's mom for a little bit - her birthday was last week so we brought her a card, and hung out for a bit. Then, we met up with Kandi and Joey, and Jason (Kandi had dropped their two girls off with my sister - but I'll get to that in a minute.) Kandi took me over to where their new apartment is HOPEFULLY going to be. They are still waiting on a credit check. I like the new apt. It's a townhouse, but Jason will have his own room, and Kayla and Maddy will share a room. Anyway, so then we went over to a car wash and helped Kandi and Joey wash out and clean out their big ass van. Then, Joey said he was taking us out to dinner. Tom and I are on a diet - Tom and I are both down about 25 pounds. Yay!! So we have to be careful what we eat - well, Denny's has a killer fajita plate - so we went there. Joey was so excited to take us out - because Tom and I usually snag the check because how expensive it is to feed all of us.Well, so then we went to Kandi and Joey's house, and hung out there for a couple of hours. We had a really good time. Then, we snagged Jason, so they could have a kid free night, and we went home. Tom and Jason played video games until about 1130, then we put on a movie - and jason was out. I however, did dishes, laundry, made birthday cards... and cleaned the kitchen. Finally, he and I crashed around 230 or 3 in the morning.

3. Today, we got up, Jason and I got dressed, my sis picked us up from our house dropped off her two boys and husband, and then we were off to Build-A-Bear. We had, Nikki, Kayla, Maddy, and Jason, Me, Cathy (my sis), Merit (our kid brother's gf) and my mom. All four of the kids did a bear, so did my mom, and so did Merit.
It was hilarious!( I'm going to get a picture storage account, I think. and then I'm going to post some more pics on there.)
THEN, we went BACK to Cathy's and had a tea party for the kids with their bears. It was great it really was.

Anyway, it is 8 o'clock and Tom and I are watching old episodes of Sea Quest. Fun fun!!
I've got to post some more pics, when i get a photo sharing site, I'll post the link here!!

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