My new camera!!

So we got our state tax money on Friday! Yay!

Anyway, so I was excited because I have been looking at a very specific camera for like 3 1/2 years!!

Well, We found it at Circuit City, in their going out of business sale for like $400! Great deal!

Well, I was excited because after we got our state money, Tom and I were going to go pick up my camera. On Thursday, my niece and nephew tested at taekwondo, so i came home and changed into more comfortable clothes...

Well, then the doorbell rang. So i went to answer it and there is tom! Holding my camera! And taking pictures of ME!!!


So I got to take pics of the kids at taekwondo, will post those in a sec, right now... here's my camera:

my new baby!!

One of the first photos i took! How cute is this cat?!?! Look at the detail!!!

(L to R) TJ, Brett, and Nikki at Taekwondo

Brett doing a Jump Side Kick

Nikki, punching

Tom and I went to the park today (Saturday) to work with my camera out doors. We got some great shots!

Tom on the see-saw. He had WAY too much fun.

Tom looking super cute!!

I think this is a WONDERFUL photo! So sexy!

Yay for my new camera!! Yay!!

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  1. Congrats! Awesome camera! I recently upgraded to a much nicer camera...a Canon Powershot. I love it because even I can take pretty good pictures!